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Industrial IoT Gateway WISE-710 - Advantech

IoT is the usage of network connected devices that gather information from the sensors installed in the industrial field or smart cities and will send it as digital data to the Clouds, or directly to customer ERP, in order to achieve more visibility about how the users interact with the products, services or applications.
When we find devices that are not directly connected to the Internet, they will need a gateway to reach the Cloud services.
The WISE-710 industrial IoT gateway is an open platform with Cortex A9 processor, equipped with 3 serial ports, 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and 4x DI/DO, which is great solution to connect your legacy equipment to the new mesh networks. All collected data to the cloud could be secured by key encryption technology from embedded security chip.

Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway WISE-6610 - Advantech

LPWAN technology including LoRa, SigFox and NB-IoT is suitable for applications requiring low-volume, long-range data transmission, while maintaining a long battery life, minimal cost and low levels of interference.
The WISE-6610 is a high-performance LoRaWAN gateway that offers reliable connectivity for industrial environments. It supports the LoRaWAN protocol for building LoRaWAN private and public networks, as well as various protocols including MQTT. The hardware and software flexibility of the WISE-6610 provides rich features for edge intelligence systems, and its support for VPN tunneling with various protocols ensures safe communications.

The WISE-6610 provides the redundancy-enhanced functions to prevent connection loss.

Intelligent I/O Gateway ADAM-6750 - Advantech

ADAM-6750 is the edge compact intelligent gateway that offers an integrated solution in the form of a Linux-based gateway capable of performing multiple tasks at the edge. Unlike many of its competitors, the ADAM-6700 is equipped with a range of I/O for comprehensive data acquisition functionality.

IoT hardware fleet management platform, DeviceOn – Advantech

Leveraging Advantech’s 40 years of embedded expertise, DeviceOn weaves through the first and last mile of your IoT omniverse, synchronizing the virtual world with edge reality. This edge orchestration platform helps you design, build, and manage the embedded systems of tomorrow.
As IoT deployment often requires connecting hundreds of thousands of devices spread over multiple sites, it is essential to track, monitor, and manage connected industrial IoT devices.
Users need to ensure devices work properly and securely after they have been deployed—without physical site visits. Secure device access is essential for monitoring, detection,
management, and remotely performing time-critical actions.
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