AEC International

AEC Internacional was founded in 1968 as Allis Electric Co. Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1994 it was listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange, where it is still on the official list. AEC International srl, is the operational headquarters in ITALY of Allis Electric Co Ltd. By creating increasingly innovative and cutting-edge products, the AEC Internacional group is today a leader in the Power Management Technology sector. Since 1995 it has diversified the product range which now includes: Transformers, Power Plants, Distribution Boards, UPS, Photovoltaic Panels, Inverters for Photovoltaic and Telecommunication Systems, Telecommunication Rectifiers, Medium and High Voltage Isolators, etc.

Present in over 54 countries, AEC International has enjoyed continuous growth thanks to its commitment to pursuing excellence and quality. AEC International is present with direct branches in the USA (for the American market) and Italy (for the European, Middle East and South American markets). AEC International has sold more than 360,000 continuity groups around the world since 1998. It currently has a direct workforce of 600 people and an indirect workforce of 2,800, and consolidated group turnover of approximately 133 million dollars (official 2015 data).
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