Radar system

Micotec develops a radar system that uses an Advantech industrial computer.

Micotec - Electrónica, Lda is a pioneer and initially distinguished itself in road safety by supplying and maintaining speed control equipment and systems (Radars) for the security forces. Information Technologies have become a crucial factor, Micotec has shown itself to be attentive and has developed competent and reliable partnerships, especially those involving manufacturers and suppliers of hardware, software and information and communications systems solutions. F.Fonseca is one of those partners. A highlight is the use of an industrial computer in one of the latest radar systems developed by Micotec.
Project name / location:
Speed control radar system with image processing (Lisbon).
Type of project:
Machine manufacturing.
Type of industry:
End customer name:
Public sector.
Machine manufacturer's name:
Micotec - Electrónica, Lda.
Purpose of the application / what motivated the use of our solution:
The intention was to create a machine that could be used outdoors, so it would have to be robust and resistant to the elements.
What support did you find from F.Fonseca and the brand?
F.Fonseca selected the right Advantech brand product for the application, achieving a good relationship between performance, size and price.
Solution description:
The system consists of a video camera that captures an image to be processed by the computer to measure the speed and identify other details of the vehicle. At the end all information is sent to the control room. The component supplied by F.Fonseca was the industrial computer characterized by its resistance to a wide range of temperatures from -10ºC to 60ºC.
Name of F. Fonseca's employee(s) who developed the solution:
Nuno Soutinho - Product and process manager.
Pedro Marçal - Process and instrumentation client manager.
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