Thermographic body temperature control at Casino Figueira

Casino Figueira reopened on June 1st 2020 completely committed to the health and safety protection, having developed and implemented a wide range of measures and precautions to ensure the safety and confidence of its Employees, Customers and the Community in general.
Fulfilling all the requirements of Turismo de Portugal (Portugal’s Tourism certification office) in matters of health and safety requirements, Casino Figueira was officially certified “Clean & Safe”, constituting the first step in building a future of trust and establishing Casino Figueira's unwavering commitment to everyone's Health and Safety.

Casino Figueira reopening was based on 3 fundamental pillars: Security, Trust and Information and F.Fonseca was one of the partners considered in this project.
Project name / location:
Thermographic body temperature control at Casino Figueira in Figueira da Foz.
Industrial, in automation, process, instrumentation and environment areas.
Indicated for the following activity fields:
Accommodation and catering;
Architecture and design offices.
Equipment goods;
Food and drinks;
Public administration.
Equipment used:
Thermographic camera to measure body temperature in persons ThermApp (Opgal).
End customer:
Casino Figueira.
Construction owner:
Casino Figueira.
Application purpose:
Motivated by the health restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the reopening of all Casinos in Portugal, in order to guarantee maximum security to employees and customers, Casino Figueira has considered essential to have body temperature control of all people entering their facility that is non-invasive, discreet and effective.
What support did you find from F.Fonseca?
F.Fonseca previously demonstrated the capacity of the thermal imager, defined the accessories necessary for the correct use of the equipment by the customer and also supported the entire installation process with the corresponding training on the product and the visualization and control App.
Architecture system description:
Two systems were installed, one for the customers entrance, with the installation of a camera in a discreet location on top of a tripod, which is connected by cable to a video monitor and via Bluetooth wireless technology to a headset, this being used by the security officer in order to be discreetly warned of a possible alert. The second was installed in the employee’s entrance area, also connected to a video monitor placed in the room that controls access to the facilities.
Applied products:
Thermographic camera for measuring body temperature, configurable with fever detection alarm. Connection to smartphone / tablet / PC with Android OS. Includes sensor, mini PC, power supply.
A turn-key solution, the accessories used in conjunction with the thermal imagers were chosen in order to tailor the solution to the specific needs of the customer and the application.
With the help of these two temperature control systems, Casino Figueira was one of the first casinos in Portugal to be given permission to reopen after the forced closure during the Covid-19 era.
Solution developer:
Bruno Ferreira - F.Fonseca environment commercial assistant.
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