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Power quality analyser MI 2893 Power Master XT - Metrel

The Metrel MI 2893 Power Master XT is a hand-held three phase power quality analyser with a large easy to-read graphical color display, enabling the user to detect harmonics, phasors, waveforms and transients with sampling frequency 1 MSamples/sec in the installation, simply by connecting the device with automatic smart clamp detection.
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Delivered energy, especially the quality of delivered energy, became more and more important with the market deregulation, where more players are acting on the market.

Power quality refers to a different measurable parameter which must be inside the specified levels. Constant monitoring of power quality parameters allows electrical equipment to function in the intended manner without major loss of capacity or service life, this includes a steady and stable supply of electricity.

Standard IEC 61000-4-30 standardizes the measurement algorithms, parameters, accuracy and time aggregation.
Power quality analysers produced according to IEC 61000-4-30 class A must comply with the highest performances and accuracy levels to obtain repeatable and comparable results.
Besides the measuring of power quality parameters, class A analysers are capable of measuring also other power quality phenomena, like:
  • Signal waveforms in case of interruptions in the network;
  • Alarms capturing;
  • Transient detection in voltages and currents;
  • Inrush current detection.

A class analysers are intended for advanced power quality users and industrial & utilities technicians.

  • Measured power quality parameters:
  • Power frequency;
  • Magnitude of the supply voltage;
  • Flicker;
  • Supply voltage dips and swells;
  • Voltage interruptions;
  • Transient voltages;
  • Supply voltage unbalance;
  • Voltage harmonics;
  • Voltage interharmonics;
  • Rapid voltage changes;
  • Measurement of underdeviation and overdeviation parameters.
  • The instrument is designed for a long term recording as well as for troubleshooting power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems;
  • The handy quick set buttons make the instrument more user friendly and allow faster data overview for troubleshooting;
  • Advanced PC software package PowerView3 enables recorded data detailed analysis, direct and remote (Ethernet) reading from the micro SD memory card, analysis of long-term records and automatic creation of professional test report.
  • Buildings facility management;
  • Electrical power systems like power plants, photovoltaic or distribution;
  • Industrial systems;
  • Special installations like construction sites, railway systems, ships, fire brigade vehicles, military/police vehicles, mobile LV generator units, medical sites with surgery rooms, service/repair offices and electric motor testing.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Metrel in Portugal.
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