22 March 2022

F.Fonseca renews the PME leader status, referring to 2021

One more step, but an achievement.
"It's good news, it reflects our resilience and ability to go through the complicated period related to the beginning of the pandemic while maintaining a solid and stable economic-financial structure! Congratulations to everyone for the good work!"
These were the words of our vice-president Luís Cadilhe Santos and in fact this is our genesis, to believe, to do more and better in a perspective of continuous evolution, not only ours, but also of those who accompany us: customers, suppliers and partners.
2021 was, as expected, a year full of challenges, where even so we achieved a growth of 16.9% that allowed us to pass the milestone of 12 million euros of turnover.
We also strengthened our skills and our response capacity in crucial functional areas, particularly in the technical and commercial support service.
The "watchwords" are to continue with the necessary attitude and persistence in atypical times, since it will not be this time that we, as a society, will be able to lower our guard.
Congratulations to F.Fonseca and to all the organizations that fulfill their role in society in different valences and in the socio-economic valuation of the country.
Let's continue, together, on the right path.
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