2 July 2022

Intelligent I/O Gateway ADAM-6750 by Advantech

F.Fonseca presents the Intelligent I/O Gateway ADAM-6750 by Advantech
The ADAM-670, from Advantech, is the edge compact intelligent gateway offers an integrated solution in the form of a Linux-based gateway capable of performing multiple tasks at the edge. Unlike many of its competitors, the ADAM-6700 is equipped with a range of I/O for comprehensive data acquisition functionality.
This module offers many advantages, including the open Linux platform; 12 channels of digital input (counter) and 12 channels of digital output (pulse output); programming: Linux C API, NODE-RED (graphical programming environment); cloud/database access, data analysis and logic control, console-based data display, and the interfaces: RS-485x2, Ethernet port x 2, 1 x USB Type A 2.0, 1 x USB Micro-B 2.0.
ADAM-6750 is suitable for several applications/industries, including: access control systems manufacturers, ticketing systems, kiosks and everyone in the industry that needs to monitor digital signals in a remote way, through the WEB.
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