28 March 2022

Touch console cMT3102X from Weintek

F.Fonseca present touch console cMT3102X from Weintek
As a leader in HMI research and manufacturing, Weintek has been dedicated to providing HMI products that are well-suited for the industrial automation industry. In recent years, with the interest shifting towards smart capabilities, communication integration and wireless application, the role of HMI and its future outlook have inadvertently followed as well. Seeing the ongoing demands associated with such trends, Weintek is introducing cMT3102X, a new type of HMI which incorporates modular design, and a Wi-Fi expansion module – M02, to offer a more flexible connectivity solution.
cMT3102X, as a 10.1” advanced cMT X Series HMI, is packed with software and hardware features. More importantly, it is the first HMI among its peers to support communication expansion module such as M02, the Wi-Fi expansion module that supplements cMT3102X with wireless connectivity.
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