Sensor solutions for all variants of mobile robots
Move into new dimensions!
Robotics is on the move, whether it be in production, logistics or service. Mobile robots, in particular, are gathering pace in these areas. The variants range from AGVs, mobile cobots, right through to autonomously driving mobile robots. In short: The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots. This makes robotics more flexible overall and opens up completely new applications and business models. To enable mobile robots to move about safely and master their numerous challenges, you need intelligent sensor solutions.

Production: Make it move
Bring movement into your production with intelligent mobile robots.

Sensor solutions for mobile robots in manufacturing

Logistics: Move it
Move your world. How mobile robots are revolutionizing logistics.

Sensor solutions for mobile robots in logistics

Service robots: Move on
The mobile robots that are ensuring hygiene and safety.

Sensor solutions for mobile service robots

Mobile robots:
Movement brings challenges!
Movement is challenging, because the requirements on mobile robots are very complex: Where am I? What does my environment look like? How do I get safely to my destination? What can I already get done while moving from A to B? What task needs to be completed at the destination? 
Intelligent sensors provide decisive answers to many of these questions: They assist the mobile robots with localization, mapping and navigation as well as with coordinating their driving movements or the docking process. But moving about in a free space requires a lot more than this: Avoiding collisions while taking into consideration the specific kinematic characteristics of the mobile robot poses a formidable challenge. The collaboration between human and robot must be risk-free and safe. That is why mobile robots have to be able to avoid both static as well as moving objects and must always keep an “eye” on their surroundings. 
Three-dimensional sensor solutions

Intelligent sensors make it possible for mobile robots to move about. They give autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) more flexibility and freedom of movement. SICK offers a wide range of sensors for all challenges associated with mobile robots. Our product offerings are modular and cater for simple to high end applications. We tailor our LiDAR, vision, RFID or ultrasound based sensor solutions to your requirements for reliable localization, positioning or load handling. Furthermore, the sensor data collected are become increasingly more valuable. We turn raw data into instructions for the robot, and our advanced software opens up completely new possibilities. With the help of AI, complex applications that seemed impossible just a few years ago can now be realized.

Besides the tried-and-proven interplay of sensors and the associated software, the third aspect of our solutions is humans. Collaborating with our customers is a top priority for us and we demonstrate this every day with our advice and service – that’s what drives us globally.


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The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots!
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