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3 April 2019

Website O electricista - F.Fonseca presents safety switch with magnetic locking MLP1 from Sick

The MLP1 is a transponder safety switch with magnetic locking which ensures reliable process protection for partially or fully automated production systems. It works with non-contact actuators and is used to monitor movable physical guards. Thanks to reliable door monitoring (Performance Level e), the MLP1 ensures a high level of safety of machine systems without overrun movement, preventing unauthorized access and therefore unplanned process interruption.

The safety switch featuring a magnetic locking function is the efficient solution for applications that require process protection in addition to the safety function. The transponder safety switch uses self-monitored semiconductor outputs to guarantee maximum safety for door monitoring. What’s more, a strong electromagnet ensures that the maintenance door stays closed and the production process is not interrupted. The combination of these two low-wear technologies provides high door offset tolerance and increases the availability of the machine. The innovative mounting concept and flat actuator enable optimum integration into the machine design.
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