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24 August 2020

Website Robótica - Another year, the 6th in a row, that F.Fonseca brings the PME Excellence home

In difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the public recognition of the PME Excellence 2019 statute, attributed by IAPMEI, is something that motivates and reminds F.Fonseca that the effort, discipline and dedication are mostly rewarded and that lowering arms is not an option for this company. In recent years F.Fonseca has maintained a well-paced performance, with 11% growth compared to the previous year, getting closer and closer to the 12 million euros mark! The commitment to new brands, trends and technologies based on high tech solutions has been a constant, combined not only with the strengthening of the skills of its human assets through training and well-being, but also with the reinforcement of teams with new hires. Aware that the year 2020 will represent one of the greatest challenges in the history of the company, F.Fonseca sought to reposition itself and adapt to this new reality in order to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, partners and suppliers through an innovative and consistent posture.
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6 February 2020

Manutenção Website - F.Fonseca presents electrical installation safety tester MI 3152 Eurotest XC from Metrel

MI 3152 EurotestXC is an instrument from the new generation of Metrel’s multifunctional measuring instruments.   The already well known functions like complete installation safety testing according to IEC/EN 61557 and auto sequence testing of TN, TT and IT earthing systems are managed by a completely new user interface based on large color touch screen display. A wide range of functions is included: from on-line voltage monitoring, phase sequence testing, earth resistance measurement, illuminance measurement and TRMS current measurement up to RCD tests, line and loop impedance tests and earth resistance measurements.
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14 January 2020

WebSite Renováveis Magazine - F.Fonseca presents Area Protection Solutions Safe Robotics from SICK

Flexible and efficient hazardous area protection for robots. Robots have become an indispensable part of modern industry. They make it possible to flexibly adapt to changing production conditions while keeping product quality at a consistently high level. To optimally enhance the performance of humans and to increase the productivity of plants, the robotic system should ideally be freely accessible. At the same time this must not pose any risk to the health or life of the employees. Safety is essential for the cooperation between humans and machines. Sick offers Safe Robotics Area Protection Solutions to enable free and safe access of the worker to the robot work area. These tailored complete solutions include hardware and engineering services: from planning to implementation through commissioning. The objective is to optimize the robotics applications by protecting hazardous areas in accordance with international standards. Sick safety solutions increase productivity, enable ergonomic processes and save time and money. Safe Robotics Area Protection Solutions prevent unnecessary robot stops. An automated restart can be implemented depending on the robot application.
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12 December 2019

Website O electricista - F.Fonseca presents magnetic cylinder sensor MZCG from SICK

Extremely short cylinder sensor for pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders. The MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor detects the piston position in pneumatic grippers and pneumatic miniature cylinders. Thanks to its very small design, the MZCG is particularly well-suited for the C-slots of very small pneumatic actuators such as are used in handling and assembly, robotics or the electronics industry. The sensor is simply inserted in the C-slot and can be quickly and safely fastened on the cylinder. The MZCG fits in a wide range of C-slots of various manufacturers due to its universal housing design. This reduces storage costs, enables flexible machine design and easier service. Specially designed for pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders The MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor from SICK is specially designed for the detection of piston position in pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders with C-slots, which are used in handling and assembly, robotics and the electronics industry, to name a few examples. This tiny device shows its true might anywhere space is limited.   The MZCG fits in a wide range of C-slots of the most common gripper and cylinder manufacturers due to its universal housing design. This reduces storage costs, enables flexible machine design and simplifies service.   Quick and easy mounting, minimal space requirements Thanks to the universal construction, the MZCG can be easily inserted into the C-slot from above. The new fixing concept with a non-detachable screw ensures quick and secure fixing in C-slots. A housing of only 12.2 mm and a 90° rotated radial cable connection allows flexible mounting if space is tight. In spite of the small construction, the sensor ensures maximum functionality at minimum weight.   The fields of applications for this sensor are  open-close position detection in pneumatic grippers;  end position detection in pneumatic miniature cylinders for electronics, handling and assembly (e.g. small part assembly), robotics and packaging industries.
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9 December 2019

Manutenção Website - IoT LTE Router RUT955 from Teltonika

In the IoT era there are several applications that normally require an internet access point, especially when they are remotely located without any infrastructure, usually outdoor. On the other hand certain machines may also need this type of equipment such as electric vehicle chargers, multimedia kiosks, etc ... RUT955 is a highly reliable and secure LTE router with I/O, GNSS and RS232/RS485 for professional applications. This router delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication and GPS location capabilities. RUT955 is equipped with connectivity redundancy through dual SIM failover. External antenna connectors make it possible to attach desired antennas and to easily find the best signal location.
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