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3D Smart Camera IVC-3D - SICK

SICK'S line of IVC smart cameras are self-contained, stand-alone vision systems with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, enabling fast development for 2D and 3D applications. They combine imaging and analysis into one camera.

These flexible, high-performance cameras provide tools for inspection, robot guidance, measuring and identification. With only one camera, you can perform any combination of advanced inspections and measurements to optimize production quality. The cameras support customized operator interfaces, and communication via I/O, serial and Ethernet. 
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The first 3D smart camera in the world!
The real world has three dimensions and therefore traditional 2D camera solutions will always be a compromise in applications where height matters. The IVC-3D is the first smart camera in the world that is designed to inspect and measure in three dimensions. With IVC-3D’s tools, designed to measure height, volume, shape and profiles, 3D applications are easily turned into robust solutions. 

A self-contained camera
The IVC-3D is a self-contained factory-calibrated smart camera that combines imaging, lighting and analysis into one camera housing. When your application needs measurement or verification of non-flat dimensions, a smart camera that highlights height differences in the captured image is preferable compared to traditional two-dimensional imaging.

Easy PC configuration and stand-alone operation 
The IVC-3D from SICK is a smart camera in every aspect: easy configuration via a PC user interface, a set of image processing tools, and easy connection via I/O, serial and Ethernet interface. After programming it operates stand-alone or as part of the factory network. The inspection result can be sent directly to a PLC or handling equipment and be monitored for example via Ethernet. The 3D image is scanned while the object passes the IVC-3D on the conveyor belt.

  • The first 3D Smart Camera available;
  • Calibrated 3D inspection at production speed;
  • Contrast-independent inspection;
  • Robust industrial design.

  • Reliable measurements also when the object has the same color as the background;
  • Choice of field-of-views: IVC-3D 30, IVC-3D 50, IVC-3D 100, IVC-3D 200 and IVC-3D 300;
  • Short development time with IVC Studio graphical user interface;
  • Easy encoder connection;
  • True millimeter values are directly available as the IVC-3D is factory calibrated;
  • Robust housing made for industrial environments and IP65 classified.

  • Packaging;
  • Solar;
  • Electronics;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Automotive.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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