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Advantech video aI based Covid 19 infection prevention solution

In a phase that we are still fighting this pandemic virus, it is essential that all organizations take actions to detect indoor infected individuals and prevent them to spread the virus with the other workers of that same company.

On the other hand this solution can also monitor the occupancy of special places like shopping centers, metro and train stations, banks, hospitals, etc…  
It’s also a solution to guarantee the minimum social distance.
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Any object with a temperature above absolute zero degree is constantly emitting some amount of radiation. The thermographic camera converts IR radiation into gray value and calculates the thermal information through a measurement algorithm model (temperature gray level curve) according to the corresponding relation between gray value and temperature.

Advantech’s visitor fever screening solution is using thermographic AI detection camera to measure human body temperature (non-contact method) and quickly find out individuals with abnormal temperature. Then the visitors screened with fever symptoms will be double confirmed by professional thermometer.

Basically, there are three options, one with quick checking in entrance, another with checking and manage the event detected and the last one with checking and manage the event detected with facial recognition.
  • Fixed thermographic IP cameras (UCAM-220TB / UCAM-220TT) with 3 and 6 mm lens, thermal sensor resolution: 160 ×120, temperature range: 30°C to 45° C; temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C (±0.3 °C with black body), optical max. resolution: 2688x1520 , video format: H.265/H.264/MJPEG;
  • Video aI facial recognition edge - USM-210UIP (optional);
  • Fever screening manager (UBX-310UIP / USM-210UIP);
  • 3D counting cameras with traffic dashboard for further analysis;
  • Occupancy status display and audible alarm with specific guide message (UCAM-130);
  • Black body for calibration (optional);
  • Data & video service center;
  • Software WISE-PaaS;
  • Special tripod for cameras (optional);
  • Infection prevention control center;
  • PoE switch for communication and power the cameras.
  • Trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when a person with an elevated temperature passed by;
  • Provide both thermal and optical image channels apart from temperature measurement;
  • Focus measurement areas on human face to reduce false alarms caused by other heat sources such as, for example, teacups;
  • Facial recognition (employee, registered customers…etc.) and auto enrol the visitor face with fever symptom for future recognizing and notification.
  • Bank;
  • Building;
  • Central library;
  • Hospital;
  • Metro station;
  • Office lobby;
  • Office location;
  • Retail store.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Advantech in Portugal.
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