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Dust monitor with two measuring principles DUSTHUNTER SP100 - SICK

Exhaust gases from cement production or similar applications are usually loaded with dust particles. Environmental protection legislation requires that the dust is removed before the gas is released into the atmosphere.
The SICK dust monitor DUSTHUNTER SP100 measures even low dust concentrations and thus detects any filter errors. An automatic zero and reference point check is integrated to reduce the need for maintenance.
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Installation from one side of the electrostatic precipitator is extremely simple. CO concentration is also monitored on the electrical filter outlet. High CO concentrations combined with oxygen and electrostatic discharge could cause an explosion in the electrostatic precipitator. This monitoring is done by the Cross Duct version of the GM901 gas analyser, it can handle difficult measurement conditions and greatly contribute to operational safety.
Product family DUSTHUNTER SP100
  • Probe design with forward scattered light measurement;
  • One-side installation;
  • For very low to medium dust concentrations;
  • Automatic check of zero and reference point;
  • Contamination check;
  • Hastelloy probe available for corrosive gas environments;
  • For small to medium duct diameters;
  • Device type for hazardous area Zone 2.
Product family GM901
  • CO measurement for emission monitoring and process control;
  • Representative measurement along the duct diameter;
  • Operation via evaluation unit;
  • Short response times;
  • Verifiable with gas-filled cell; gas-testable probe with test gas.
Product family DUSTHUNTER SP100
  • Ideal for thick- or double-walled ducts;
  • Approved according to EN 15267;
  • Low maintenance due to self-monitoring and contamination check;
  • Quick installation – no alignment required.
Product family GM901
  • Measurement results in real time due to in-situ measurement;
  • Fast and simple installation and commissioning;
  • Easy, user-friendly operation;
  • Economical due to low maintenance.
  • Broken filter bag detection at a dust collection duct;
  • Cement industry;
  • Fertilizer industry;
  • Measurement of dust emissions;
  • Monitoring dust removal efficiency;
  • Monitoring electrostatic precipitators.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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