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Compressed air counter 6441/4 - Testo

Since compressed air is produced internally in a factory without exact knowledge of its total or area consumption, there is a need to eliminate leaks and achieve much more efficient use.
The compressed air counters testo 6441 to testo 6444 are designed for the measurement, monitoring and recording of compressed air consumption, and therefore also for the determination of leakages in compressed air systems, consumption-based allocation of costs and the implementation of peak load management.
Using the compressed air counters testo 6441 to testo 6444, transparency of consumption is created for compressed air, similarly as for the media current, water or gas, thus increasing the motivation of those responsible for the process regarding cost reduction measures and energy savings.
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  • Range 0,25 to 700m3/h;
  • Pipe DN15 to DN50;
  • Process Connection ½” to 2”;
  • Power Supply 19..30VCC;
  • Analogue output 4~20mA or relay.
  • The compressed air counters testo 6441 to testo 6444 record norm volume flow according to the calorimetric principle, which means the measurement procedure is independent of the process pressure and does not cause a permanent pressure drop;
  • While the thermal, glass-coated ceramic sensor offers a high level of robustness and fast response times, the integrated inflow and outflow pipes ensure optimum accuracy.
  • Maintenance in any industry that consumes compressed air in pipes of DN50 or smaller;

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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