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Breaking the traditional architecture of HMI, we introduce an innovative HMI architecture.
The HMI splits into server and visualization device. The server device connects with controller and proceeds protocol conversion, data logging, event logging, recipe, database maintenance, macro commands execution, etc.

The visualization function is perfectly integrated into iPad with the powerful CloudHMI software.  Not only do we inherit the advantage of traditional HMI and the motto of “Make Things Easy”, we also lead the trend of in¬nite innovation in HMI technology - lead HMI to the cloud.
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  • Efficiency: cMT-SVR is dedicated to database operations and communication processing, while iPad is used for display operation;
  • Reliability: Without LCD display and touch panel, cMT-SVR can be installed in any industrial application environment;
  • Mobility: Monitoring the onsite machine status anytime and anywhere by iPad or cMT-iV5;
  • Flexibility: One iPad can connect with up to three cMT-SVRs at the same time; up to three iPads can connect with one cMT-SVR at the same time;
  • Visualization: Perfect display by iPad and cMT-iV5;
  • Storage: Sufficient memory space for storing data records, récipes;
  • Connectivity: Offer more than 250 drivers to connect with various controllers.

  • Connection to iPad;
  • Decentralize connection up to 3 independent displays (cMT-iV5).

All industries.

Ref. A0852226500012967
F.Fonseca is the representative of Weintek in Portugal.

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