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Ecologically and Economically Intelligent: Sensor-Switched LED Floodlights.
Steinel top-performing XLED sensor-switched floodlights set standards in efficiency. Outdoor lighting makes up an important aspect of planning, particularly for large open spaces and expansive properties. This is where the best possible cost-benefit ratio takes top priority. An automated lighting system geared exactly to providing light when it's needed goes a long way towards saving energy and, with this, also costs.
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The XLED sensor switched floodlights from Steinel Professional combine high-quality sensor technologies and LED light. The range systematically demonstrates that efficiency is a matter of technology: this being 100% LED light requiring only about a third of the energy used by halogen floodlights. That speaks for itself.
The challenge with high-performance LED floodlights of this type (at up to 60 W) lies in heat management. Steinel answer to this: ATC. We achieve optimum heat dissipation through our cooling fi ns as well as from our patented Active-Thermo-Control system. The temperature of the LED’s is measured continuously. Action is taken in critical situations, all controlled by microprocessor and going unnoticed by the user. Only this way can the high-performance LED’s be guaranteed to last their full life expectancy.
  • Very high energy saving;
  • Convenience from automated light management;
  • Combination of sensor system and LED light;
  • Integrated electronic ballasts;
  • ATC - Active Thermo Control;
  • Also suitable for installing under porches;
  • Well-spread radiation of light;
  • Life of LED’s: 50,000 h;
  • Fast 2-piece installation.
  • Office buildings;
  • Commercial spaces;
  • Hospitals;
  • Schools;
  • Airports;
  • Hotels;
  • Industrial buildings.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Steinel in Portugal.
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