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Sick’s 3D vision series offers a wide range of powerful and flexible products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. They range from versatile high-speed cameras that deliver high quality 3D and contrast images to smart and configurable stand-alone sensors that facilitate rapid development and easy integration. Their scalability ensures a perfect fit with your 3D vision application.
Ruler E is a perfect tool for in-line 3D-scanning applications. It is designed for the tough environments common to the timber and mining industries and will provide accurate 3D measurements at temperatures as low as –30 °C. Plus, the Gigabit Ethernet interface makes it suitable for remote operation over long cable distances.
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With its built-in light source and factory-calibrated 3D data, the camera instantly provides precise measured values to within a millimeter, making integration considerably easier. In addition to high-speed 3D measurements, the Ruler E camera also provides grayscale intensity and laser scatter measurements. These measurements reveal more about objects and, in turn, enable more precise and reliable decisions. With a choice of analysis tools, PC performance and combining data from several Rulers, you can adapt the solution cost and performance to your specific requirements.

  • Factory-calibrated 3D measurements in millimeters at full production speed;
  • Highly accurate 3D measurements for widths from 100 mm up to 1.5 m;
  • Capture 3D, grayscale and scatter simultaneously;
  • Easy to integrate without the need for external illumination;
  • Rugged housing for harsh environments and temperatures as low as –30 °C;
  • Remote operation over long cabling distances with Gigabit Ethernet.
  • High-speed measurement allows you to increase production throughput and still ensure product quality;
  • Accurate size and position measurement in 3D, regardless of an object’s height or color, creating reliable solutions;
  • Simultaneously capturing 3D, scatter and grayscale, allows for more reliable quality control and inspection;
  • Factory calibrated 3D with built-in lighting instantly provides results in millimeters, which makes integration easy;
  • Designed for tough industrial environments to ensure a long and problem-free life time.
  • Machine Vision.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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