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Engraving system MGS 50 - Murrplastik

Engraving two-layer plastic (duomatt) material is one of the most common labelling methods on industry and cabinets. The main reasons are the great resistance to extreme environments, being very cheap and also because it stands by a good visibility. Murrplastik, as a labelling specialist, provides compact and high-performance engraving systems to easily engrave this two-layer materials and even anodized aluminium.
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With MGS 50 model, Murrplastik has launched powerful engraving systems on the market. Available with a working area of DIN A4 size unit. Simple handling is just one of the many new features that highlight the user-friendliness of the two units, including a stylus zero-setting tool, a digital engraving depth display, a quick-release chuck, a precision spindle, optional accessories and much more. Both engravers work with Murrplastik‘s ACS package, which satisfies the full range of user needs for output.

The digital engraving depth display enables control of engraving depth without needing to keep count of the individual steps taken when rotating the depth controller. The quick-release chuck system makes it very quick and simple to remove and replace the spindle.
When used in conjunction with the digital display, the next-generation spindle and new depth controller enable precise setting of engraving depth in steps of 0.025 mm.
In addition, Murrplastik also offers a huge range of engraving materials, which are available in a wide choice of colors.
  • Maximum engraving surface: A4: 220 x 305 mm;
  • Maximum Engraving speed: 20 mm/s;
  • Interfaces: USB Level 2.0;
  • Supply voltage: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (0,7 A max.);
  • Spindle of several sizes and angles;
  • Engraving depth controlled by digital display.
  • Aluminium (anodized) and plastic materials can be engraved;
  • Wide range of colors, shapes and measures;
  • Free software.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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