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Mass flowmeter-thermal KMT - Kobold

The flowmeter of the series KMT, based on the measurement principle of thermal mass flow, is ideally suited for the measurement of flow of compressed air and gases in pipes with sizes from DN 15 ... DN 700. Measurement of for instance the usage of compressed air, nitrogen, CO 2 or other non-corrosive gases. The KMT is setting new standards in terms of measurement accuracy and reproducibility thanks to its application specific adjustment during production.
This flowmeter is adjusted under a pressure of 7 bar (abs) (DN 15 ... DN 50) or 9 bar (abs) (DN 65 ... DN 700). Adjusting the device specifically for its application has the advantage of keeping the actual flow speed in the pipeline low even with very large flow quantities. Thanks to the more stable flow profile, this low flow speed facilitates a much better degree of reproducibility and accuracy than if the device were adjusted conventionally under normal pressure, as flow speeds up to 200 Nm/s can often no longer be controlled under conventional adjustment pressures.
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The core design of the flowmeter is based on the hot film sensor element, which produced using the most modern thin film technology and has already is proven itself time and time again in the automotive industry. This flow sensor features excellent long-term stability, a fast response time and an extremely high degree of reliability. Two outputs are available, for further processing of the measurement data. Depending on the application, these outputs can be configured as analogue (current or voltage), switch output or as pulse output for the measurement of the consumption.
The KMT has an integrated counter for consumption. The consumed amount is shown on the display and the saved value is not lost even after power outage. The availability of the consumption amount as a free configurable pulse output is another helpful feature.
  • Measuring range: 0.32 - 63 Nm³/h ... 263.4 - 263350 Nm³/h air;
  • Connection: G ½ ... G 2 with ball valve, ½" ... 2" NPT with ball valve, R ½ screw-in version for DN65 ... 300;
  • Material: sensor: stainless steel, ball valve: brass;
  • pmax: 16 bar;
  • tmax: 80°C;
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 % of reading +0.5 % of full scale;
  • Output: 2 analogue outputs / switch  outputs / pulse outputs programmable for mass, volume, temperature, consumption;
  • Option: digital indication.
  • Installation connection options;
  • Long-term stability;
  • Fast response time;
  • Extremely high degree of reliability.
  • Measurement of consumption compressed air;
  • Compressed air counter;
  • Mass flow measurement of industrial gases.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Kobold in Portugal.
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