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Servomotors MR-J3 - Mitsubishi Electric

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Compact, precise and user-friendly
The MR-J3 generation of servo drives delivers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in a very compact package. Functions like the advanced vibration suppression system and the further improved real-time autotuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation. The amplifiers are a full 40% slimmer compared to previous series.

The MR-J3 series is available in three versions: The MR-J3-A models are suitable for drive systems with conventional control and are designed for regulating speed, torque and position control tasks. The MR-J3-A servo models are also available with an EtherCAT option. The MR-J3-B models are specified for complex, multi-axis movement sequences and for use in networked automation systems. A servo amplifier with built-in positioning (MR-J3-T) is also available.
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The units configure themselves by Plug & Play for Mitsubishi Electric's motion control and positioning control systems, to which they are connected via the high-speed optical SSCNET III network, which has a cycle period of just 0.44 milliseconds. The MR-J3 is currently available with outputs from 50W to 55kW. Units with higher outputs are being added to the range at regular intervals.
  • High-speed controllers for ultra-short positioning times; average speed frequency response 2100Hz;
  • High-resolution encoders for maximum speed constancy (18 bits 262,144 P/rev);
  • Advanced vibration suppression for outstanding adaptation to machine requirements;
  • Autotuning for extremely fast setup and installation;
  • Optimum cost/benefit ratio;
  • Absolute position encoder included as standard equipment;
  • Minimum wiring overheads thanks to Plug & Play configuration and automatic motor identification;
  • Supports global standards.
  • Synchronization motion;
  • Labeling;
  • Filling;
  • Printing;
  • Rotating knives.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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