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Signaling/Protection modules for PCB relays D, LD, RC, L, LV, V, R – Relpol

The miniature PCB power relays from Relpol S.A. are available in an extended range of solutions. The relays are extinguished by a modern design, higher quality and high functionality. They are manufactured in a modernized technology.
The miniature PCB power relays are available in a 15,7mm height version with 1 (RM85) or 2 (RM84) CO contacts and in transparent version with 25,5mm height also with 1 (RMP85) or 2 (RMP84) CO contacts. The range of miniature PCB power relays solutions from Relpol is available with AC or DC coils for different rated voltages.
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The miniature PCB power relays can also be used in DIN rail applications with the suitable plug-in sockets: GZT80, GZM80, GZS80, GZF80, GZMB80, EC50, PW80 e GD50.
Different signaling/protection modules are available: D (overvoltage DC), LD (overvoltage DC with LED), RC (EMC protection), L (LED signaling), LV (overvoltage AC/DC with LED), V (overvoltage AC).

Innovative features of the technological solutions and reliability of the products are confirmed by numerous recognitions and certifications BBJ, VDE, UL, CSA, GOST, LR, CCC’s, AUCOTEAM GmbH Berlin – railway standards, RoHS, and by prizes and awards.
  • 1 or 2 CO contacts;
  • Perfect visibility of the mechanical indicator;
  • AC coils: 12 to 240 volts;
  • DC Coils: 3 to 110 volts;
  • Also for DIN rail application (Plug-in sockets GZT80, GZM80, GZS80, GZF80, GZMB80);
  • For PCB application (Plug-in sockets EC50, PW80, GD50);
  • Available signaling/protection modules: overvoltage AC/DC, with or without LED, EMC.
  • Extended range of solutions;
  • Insulation material of the latest generation polyamide PA66;
  • Improved efficiency of the electromagnet;
  • Strengthened insulation in the area of the contact plate.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Relpol in Portugal.
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