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Advantech provides powerful yet simple management software services in WISE-Paas/RMM, making it easier to manage your IoT devices. Today does not make sense from a financial perspective, sending a technician for a local distant to identify the problem with a particular computer, either because this is with a low performance, or you must install an antivirus, or because it is simply to restart the same machine. 
The solution, which will save time and money for all stakeholders, involves using a software which lets you monitor and take corrective action remotely, since computers concerned are connected to the Internet.

All Advantech computers are provided with a specific chip and dedicated to provide software that allows WISE-Paas/RMM number of parameters on the state of processes Internal temperatures of different components and even remote access via KVM.
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Sometimes, for energy saving effect, it is necessary off computers at the end of the day and restart them on following. With WISE-Paas/RMM this functionality is already part this free software, allowing you to create a weekly program with the same purpose. This way you can reduce cost and using a more time effective manner.
  • Centralized remote management;
  • Hardware and software monitoring;
  • User firendly map-view interface;
  • System protection, backup and recovery;
  • Remote keyboard-video-mouse (KVM);
  • Remote On/Off;
  • Automatic alerts by Email/SMS;
  • Dashboard to visualize the acquisition data;
  • Usage of MQTT protocol to communicate with computers, IoT gateways and sensors.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership saving time for maintenance personnel because centralized remote monitoring continuously checks factory floor devices and sends alerts to their mobile devices as needed;
  • Improved production line performance due to improvement of predictive maintenance and identification of manufacturing problems more quickly;
  • Higher equipment availability because if a system fails, the KVM feature enables remote diagnosis and recovery for most software issues, enabling factory devices to be brought on line much faster and at a lower cost than sending a technician onsite;
  • More efficient management using a Dashboard to monitor the computer location in Google maps, with indicators, gauges, progress bars, HTML and pictures to present as live and statistical device data.
  • All kind of industries and markets that use standalone computers that need to be monitored remotely. 

F.Fonseca is the representative of Advantech in Portugal.
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