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Software MEAC 2000 - SICK

Emission data evaluation system:

  • Data acquisition and storage; 
  • Evaluation and reporting; 
  • Data output and display.
The MEAC2000 system includes several components: The data acquisition unit collects the measuring data of the connected analyzers, preprocesses and transmits them to the central Emission-PC. There, the data is processed using the MEAC200 software, stored and the calculated values are put out. Up to 16 devices can be connected with the Emission-PC. Also a connection to a process control system is possible.
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  • Evaluation according to 13., 17., 27. and 30. BImSchV and TA-Luft;
  • Evaluation according to EU directives 2000/76/EC and 2001/80/EC;
  • Inclusion of operational parameters and plant conditions;
  • Visualization of emission and operational data;
  • Remote data transfer, remote diagnosis and remote control;
  • Alarm signals when exceeding the limit values.

  • The software monitors all communications with connected field devices and control systems;
  • All values are stored on hard disk, thus it is possible to look at data history even after many years;
  • A routine back-up is made regularly on a second hard disk;
  • Screen displays and output of actual and historical data is freely configurable;
  • Remote access;
  • EN 14181 QAL3;
  • Connection to process control system (DCS).

  • Data acquisition and monitoring of emission measuring facilities;
  • Data processing according to legal standards and directives. 

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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