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Verificador de isolamento e terra MI 3288 - Metrel

MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester, the newest Metrel addition to our line of high voltage testers. The MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester offers, as the name implies, fast and easy measurement of earth and insulation resistances using a variety of methods, and of other parameters and quantities, not least step and touch voltages.
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In short, a truly versatile, portable (Li-ion batteries for greater autonomy) measuring instrument with a touch screen and intuitive user interface, which has become a staple of a growing number of our products. Intuitive use is combined with enhanced ruggedness; excellent IP protection and overvoltage category 300 V CAT III at 4000 m above sea level for trouble-free work in even the most demanding environments.

  • Measurement of earth resistance with the 4-pole method;
  • Insulation resistance measurement with DC voltages from 50 V to 2500 V;
  • Calculation of polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) factors;
  • Measurement of step and touch voltages with an external P/S probe;
  • Measurement of earth potential;
  • Measurement of selective earth resistance with 1 clamp;
  • Measurement of earth resistance with 2 iron clamps;
  • Measurement of specific earth resistance (Wenner and Schlumberger method);
  • Varistor testing (with 2,5 kV);
  • Low resistance measurement with 7 mA and 200 mA DC test currents;
  • TRMS measurement of voltage and frequency;
  • Measurement of current (AC and DC) with clamps.


MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester is fully compatible with SW 1201 Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) PC software that adds another dimension to the tester’s utility. Users can seamlessly transfer saved test and measurement data to a PC and use MESM for more in-depth analysis and automatic inclusion in a desired test report; whether they measured earth resistance around an overpass still in construction or tested insulators on a roof of an electric locomotive.

  • Industrial installations;
  • Low voltage earthing and lightning protection;
  • Power distribution;
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Remote antenna tower earthing resistance.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Metrel in Portugal.
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