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Electrical tester MI 3325 MultiServicer XD - Metrel

The MI 3325 MultiServicerXD is a top-of-the-line multifunctional instrument covering diverse industrial applications, where ruggedness and reliability are a must.
In Metrel range of the instruments it is introduced as a successor of MI 3321 MultiServicerXA. The new platform integrated in the MI 3325 MultiServicerXD features support for colour touch screen technology, advanced memory organizer including large SD memory card storage media and state of the art AUTOSEQUENCE®s.
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  • Touch screen: high resolution colour touch screen, 4.3” TFT;
  • Double manipulation: keyboard and touch screen enable the user to control the instrument in any manner he likes;
  • Hi-pot: high voltage AC (5 kV @ 250 VA);
  • Communication: RS-232, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth communication ports enabling downloading, uploading and remote control over instrument;
  • Standards VDE 0701-702, Code of Practice, AS/NZS 3760, IEC/EN 61439, IEC/EN 60204, IEC/EN 60974-4, EN 50191, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-030, EN 61010-031, EN 61010-2-032, EN 61557, EMC EN 61326-1.
  • Pre-defined AUTOSEQUENCE®s: enable the user simple and quick execution of test sequence for the chosen device;
  • Built-in help screens for referencing on site and avoid connection mistakes;
  • Built-in fuse tables for automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance result;
  • Continuity: 4 wire continuity test with selectable test current (0.2 A, 4 A, 10 A, 25 A) enabling precise measurements;
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager: enables creation of test structures, user-defined AUTOSEQUENCE®s, professional test reports and data transfer for archiving.
  • Arc welding equipment safety testing;
  • Factory machinery safety testing;
  • Industrial safety testing;
  • Periodic safety testing;
  • Portable appliances safety testing;
  • Production line safety testing;
  • Switchgear/control gear safety testing.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Metrel in Portugal.
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