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Vibration analysis camera - Vshooter VBS1T - Synergys Technologies

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The VSHOOTER is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that allows to know and to easily track the status of the more common rotating machines such as fans, pumps, screw compressors and others.
The vibration analyser VSHOOTER VBS1T from Synergys Technologies is much more than an innovation in the field of the vibration meters, it is a totally new concept, a new way to do vibration monitoring and analysis.
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This new modern concept consists of creating automatically Machine Condition Pictures (MCP) which can be saved and uploaded to a PC into a report with detailed vibration data and trending curves. With a MCP you see immediately the machine condition. After having done the second MCP on the same machine you’ll be able to follow the machine condition evolution on a trending curve.

The vibration analyser VSHOOTER VBS1T is a portable measuring device equipped with an external high quality accelerometer, an embedded camera, led stroboscope and pyrometer. A special software has been developed to get photos enhanced with information. On every MCP appears the measuring points locations. The points appear in green, yellow, orange or red according to the classification of ISO 10816-3&7.

The vibrations of newly installed machines are normally in green zone.
The machines whose vibrations are in yellow zone are normally considered acceptable for a long service life without any restrictions.

Machines whose vibrations are in orange zone are normally considered unsuitable for long-term continuous service. 
The vibration values found in red zone are normally considered significant enough to cause damage.

  • High quality ICP 100 mV/g sensor with strong magnet – Vibration; 
  • 6X integrated stroboscope LEDs – RPM;
  • High quality integrated infrared pyrometer – Temperature; 
  • Stereo audio output - Listening of bearing / gear signal; 
  • High quality VGA colored TFT screen;
  • 8 hours rechargeable Li-Ion battery - Universal power charger or USB charger; 
  • IP54.

It generates trends of 4 values:
  • Vibration Rms velocity 2(10)-1000 Hz in mm/s or inch/s according to ISO 10816-3&7;
  • Vibration Rms acceleration 1000-10000 Hz in G;
  • Temperature.

  • Every MCP is created with the VGA integrated camera that will capture the photo with all the measurements and it can be stored in the memory of the VSHOOTER. Up to 1000 MCP can be stored and uploaded to a PC by mean of the USB cable supplied in order to generate a vibration report. 
  • For measurement values within zone orange and red the V SHOOTER VBS1T automatically performs a self-diagnosis and the FFT of the Velocity and the Acceleration. On the FFT screens the user is directed automatically to one of the 5 most common defects (75% of faults): unbalance, bearing shock and lubrication, misalignment, foundation looseness.

All kind of industries that use rotating machines such as fans, pumps, screw compressors and all kind of machines that use bearings.

Ref. A41204410
F.Fonseca is the representative of Synergys Technologies in Portugal.
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