Murrplastik has over 50 years of full innovative and disruptive solutions. It started activity in 1963 with the manufacture of plastic articles for the domestic area.
The 1980s definitely marks a turning point in Murrplastik in the development, manufacture and marketing of plastics for the industrial area. Following this vocation in 1984, Murrplastik registers the patent for the first articulated gutter that can be opened and, as early as 1986, it develops the first computer identification system (ACS) for identification of terminals, conductors and switches ...
The 1990s saw the international expansion of the brand, solidifying in the following years presence throughout the world with emphasis on France, Spain, United States of America, Switzerland, China, Austria, Italy, Portugal, among others.
In 2013 celebrates its 50th anniversary and expands its productive capacity in Germany.
In 2015 celebrates the creation of the MPIX foundation that develops and manufactures the solid-state laser system, which was responsible for the 2016 Innovation Award for REMS-MURR 2016 through Murrplastik's innovative laser label printing system - LM1.
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