Plastic and rubber

The plastic and rubber industry supplies products to various sectors in the industry. In particular, the automotive, electronics and appliance industries, as well as the packaging industry, have a significant influence on the development of this sector. However, the medical, sporting and toy industries, for example, also rely heavily on products made from plastic and rubber. Various types of production processes and equipment such as injection molding machines, extruders, film/foam systems and thermoforming machines are used to satisfy a huge variety of requirements presented by this type of industry.

Since the operations involving this industry are based on large-scale productions, a high degree of efficiency, quality and safety is required. With our experience in this type of industry, solutions and basic equipment, F.Fonseca presents itself as the partner that makes an active and significant contribution to the increase of processes and the satisfaction of your various requirements.
See below for some products directly aimed at this type of industry.
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