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We believe that our success is closely linked to the excellence of our people.

Over more than three decades we have been building a solid and credible company, recognized for the promotion of technology and innovation in the market and for the competence and knowledge that it places in the daily relationship that it maintains with its business partners.

We believe that our success is closely linked to the excellence of our people.
More than any other factor or variable, the human element has become a critical and decisive factor in the pursuit of F.Fonseca's objectives. Unlike other factors that, in most cases, do not differentiate the different companies, our competitive advantage has resided in the quality and dedication of our people in their development and training.

By becoming the main instrument of growth and wealth, human resources must be given adequate, sensitive and professional treatment. Human potential must be developed and renewed, must be rediscovered, motivated, cherished and respected. F.Fonseca's human resources policy has taken on these challenges.

From the process of selection and integration of new employees, through the strong commitment to the continuous training component, ending in the structured and fair evaluation of performance, the human resources policy has been following the business strategy, ensuring the development, motivation, Satisfaction and the involvement of all employees so that we can achieve all the strategic objectives that we propose.

F.Fonseca in numbers

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Secondary education
Master’s degree

Level of seniority

- than 5 years
5 to 10 years
10 to 15 years
15 to 30 years
+ than 30 years

Age range

- 25 years
25 - 35
35 - 50
50 - 60
+ 60


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Adriano Santos

General automation product manager

Ana Bela Tomé

Suppliers orders processor

Ana Fonseca


Solange Silva

Marketing director

Aníbal Lopes

Gestor de cliente

António Cardoso

António Silva

Bruno Silva

Carla Alegria

Bruno Santos

Building technologies client manager

Carla Maia

Carla Peralta

Técnica de Marketing

Carlos Almeida

Carlos Ferreira

Carlos Gonçalves

Clara Soares

Técnica de Formação

Daniel Almeida

David Pereira

SAT Trainee technician

Fernando Matos

Director Financeiro

Francisco Raposo

Helder Lemos

Business manager

João Toito

Luís Aguiar

Luís Cadilhe Santos

Non-executive board member

Luís Santos

Picking, receção e embalagem

Manuel Oliveira

Executive board member

Marisol Prata

Miguel Valente

Nuno Dias

Nuno Soutinho

Óscar Gonçalves

Patrícia Cruz


Paula Gonçalves

Paula Matias

Paula Soares

SAT customer manager

Paulo Lopes

Pedro Marçal

Pedro Soares

Ricardo Félix

Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo longo

Rui Pinto

Rogério vale

Gestor de produto deteção

Rosa Ferreira

Rosa Silva

Processamento de encomendas a fornecedores

Rui Lamas

Sónia Marques

Sansão Castro


Tiago Carvalho

Safety, measurement and identification product manager

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The success of F.Fonseca is based on the qualifications and the performance capacity of its employees. F.Fonseca creates the ideal conditions to support careers and bets on the satisfaction of its employees. Do not miss out on the opportunity to build an engaging career.

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