Human machine interface

Console cMT-3090 - Weintek

In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) time, we can have all the functionalities of an HMI, with connectivity to the top management level, such as SCADAS, MES and ERP systems.
This console, has a compatibility with more than 300 protocols of marks of PLCs of the market, also allows the interconnection with the IT systems.
Integrate all the functionalities of a server without display in a single equipment, in a screen of 9.7 ".
This equipment allows the integration of CODESYS, allowing this console to assume functions identical to a PLC.
In summary the versatility of the cMT3090 allows us to have an HMI, Server and even a PLC!

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GOT2000 Touchscreen - Mitsubishi Electric

Improved user-friendliness, expanded functionalities, high cost-efficiency and optimum integration in Mitsubishi Electric’s Automation portfolio. The successor to the tried and tested GOT1000 HMI range will increase plant productivity and energy efficiency and reduce total operating costs. In particular, the models from the GT27 series which are the successors to the GT16 range are characterized by an intuitive operating concept with multi-touch function and gesture control. The HMIs from the GT23 series offer a balanced price/performance ratio. Mitsubishi Electric is now offering models without a USB connection on the white front panel for the first time in direct response to requirements from the food industry.
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GT14 – More than plain visualization – Mitsubishi Electric

GT14 The new standard for 5,7” touch panels from Mitsubishi.

This HMI incorporates advanced features and integrated Ethernet communication, all at a competitive price. The GT14 will answer the needs of a variety of installations and applications.

The GT14 has a display of 5.7" and is available with TFT screen with 65,536 colors and 16 monochrome shades of gray. It has Ethernet port and two serial ports (RS232 and RS485/RS422). Complementing these features, the GT14 has a capacity of memory expansion and data storage via a USB host port and input the SD memory card.
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GT16 - Terminal multimedia – Mitsubishi Electric

With a stylish full-flat display, the GT16 series is the leader in the family of Graphic Operation Terminals of Mitsubishi (GOT). Equipped with a variety of communications and multimedia features, the GT16 HMI defines what should be tomorrow.

The GT16 range offer a comprehensive set of resources within a single hardware package. Ideal for all stand-alone or networked solutions, the GT16 easily provides the visualization of machine-level applications, factory and company. 
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Industrial touch monitor FPM-7151T-R3AE - Advantech

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group (IAG) are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of truly flat panel monitors in a variety of sizes, 6.5”, 12” and 15”, specifically designed to meet the flexible demands of a wide range of applications and especially in areas which require continuous cleaning.
To be highly durable, the FPM-7000T series is with true-flat touch screen designed yet IP66 front protection, die-cast Al Alloy front bezel and 5-wire resistive touch. It supports wide operating temperatures -20~60°C for diverse user environments. Various mounting methods
allows an easy installation in different environments.
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Industrial touch monitor TPC-200/500 - Advantech

The flexible modularized technology design allows users to change the monitor size or computer CPU performance according to their usage demands.
Industrial touch monitor TPC-200 and TPC-500 computing box modules are powered by 6th Gen Intel® Core™/Celeron® processors combined with an industrial-grade LED LCD module, providing compact and fanless control panel solutions that support high-performance computing. With a flexible modular design, they allow users to inter change video interfaces such as FPM 7000 industrial monitors, which can be used as an interface of two controllers simultaneously via the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature, or expand the signal transmission distance to 100m via iLINK technology.
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Interface module iR Series iR-IO-MOD - Weintek

Weintek iR Series Input and Output Modules for acquisition of field signals and processing.
The modules, when integrated with the iR-ETN or iR-COP Main modules, allow you to acquire field signal and send your status information to the HMI for processing and updating status.
The versatility of modular equipment provides the advantage of tailoring the system configuration to the needs of each facility.
These I/O modules are available in different configuration and can be adapted to the installation requirements.
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Interface modules iR series iR-ETN / iR-COP - Weintek

Weintek iR series coupler modules for remote I/O acquisition in Modbus TCP/IP or CANopen.
The Series iR modules, when integrated with the cMT series consoles with CODESYS, acquire all the functionality of a PLC.
The versatility of modular equipment provides the advantage of tailoring the system configuration to the needs of your installation.
These modules are available in two versions based on industrial communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and CANopen.
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LED industrial touch panel computer TPC-1251T – Advantech

The TPC-1251T, from Advantech, thin client terminal with a 12.1" XGA LCD, low power embedded Intel® Atom™ E3827 1.75 GHz Dual-core Processor and 4GB (8GB optional) DDR3L SDRAM provides computing performance in a compact fanless system.

To enhance its durability, the industrial touch panel computer TPC-1251T, from Advantech, is true-flat touch screen designed with IP66 front protection, die-cast Al Alloy front bezel and 5-wire resistive touch. It supports wide operating temperatures -20~60°C and includes full size mini-PCIe slot to extend the functionality and meet a variety of automation applications needs. Through the Mini-PCIe slot, Advantech iDoor technology (optional) can provide more I/O connectors, Isolated Digital IO, the Fieldbus Protocol, 3G/GPS/GPRS/Wi-Fi Communication and MRAM.

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Modular industrial monitors FPM 7002 - Advantech

A new concept of modularity where the monitor can easily change to a panel computer.
The FPM 7002 series of modular industrial monitors extends the functionality of typical industrial monitors. The flexible modularized design allows users to change the video interface according to their usage demands.
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Modular panel industrial PC TPC-5172T – Advantech

With the arrival of Industry 4.0 and the resulting shift in market demands, a rapid time-to-market and customer responsiveness have become key concerns for the manufacturing industry. The innovative modular design of Advantech’s latest TPC and UNO series products offers increased flexibility and updatability that allows manufacturers to more promptly respond to market demands and reduce operating costs. This modularization also enables cost-effective equipment upgrades for truly future-proof infrastructure.
The TPC-5000 is the first modularized model of Advantech’s control panel products with 15”, 17” or 21.5” available.
The modularized design ensures flexible expansion and configuration, as well as easy maintenance and upgrades. To withstand a wide-range of environments, the system also features an IP66-rated front panel for water and dust resistance, a glass panel with 7H surface harness that supports projected capacitive or 5-wire resistive touch control, and a robust system enclosure with die-cast aluminum alloy front bezel.
Additionally, the TPC-5172 panel module can be fitted with an optional Wi-Fi/NFC module to enhance wireless communication.
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Monitors without frame IDS 3117 - Advantech

Improve the design of your machine or kiosk with an internal, open frame monitor.
Sometimes there is the need to install monitors in a machine or kiosk without cutting a front panel to secure it. Advantech has specific solutions for this purpose with the IDS family of open frame monitors.
This series offers flexible LCD options with touch screen and different video signal interfaces, while supporting VESA or rear mount.
The metal fixing profile integrated in the chassis allows easy installation and great flexibility for different applications.
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MT8050iE HMI – Weintek

With the new MT8050iE, Weintek continues to grow on its range of MT8050iE HMI family.
In response to market demands for the small and compact HMI of the MT8000iE-Series, Weintek has released the newest MT8050iE. Compared to its predecessor, the MT8050iE has more compact design and slimmer enclosure. With 600MHz Cortex A8 CPU and 16M colors display, the MT8050iE shows vivid colors and display real data with faster speed.
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Panel Cloud Human Machine Interface - Weintek

Breaking the traditional architecture of HMI, we introduce an innovative HMI architecture.
The HMI splits into server and visualization device. The server device connects with controller and proceeds protocol conversion, data logging, event logging, recipe, database maintenance, macro commands execution, etc.

The visualization function is perfectly integrated into iPad with the powerful CloudHMI software.  Not only do we inherit the advantage of traditional HMI and the motto of “Make Things Easy”, we also lead the trend of in¬nite innovation in HMI technology - lead HMI to the cloud.
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Panel Industrial PC - IPPC-5211WS – Advantech

HMI 21.5” solution with all around IP69K, IPPC-5211WS.
In many industries such as food & beverage manufacturing and pharmaceuticals it is essential that all equipment is able to satisfy the most stringent cleanliness requirements. With this in mind, Advantech is pleased to announce the release of a new fully sealed IP69K rated stainless steel multi-touch panel PC. 

The new 21.5” widescreen IPPC-5211WS touch-panel computer from Advantech is the latest model to use the Intel® Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0 GHz Processor and to feature the much heralded iDoor Technology, a truly flat screen and a multitude of lockable IO ports, whilst being able to operate in a wide range of temperatures.
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Panel without display mTV - Machine TV Interface – Weintek

Breaking through the architecture of HMI, we freed HMI from its traditional combination of LCD panel and touch screen. The Weintek compact mTV can connect various sized TVs or monitors with HDMI interface. This makes real-time display clearer and less limited.
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Panels touchscreen MT8103iE - Weintek

As a leader, Weintek does not rest on the success of the past, continuously invests in research and development of new solutions and dedicates itself to innovation to achieve its goals. The goal is not only to meet the current needs of customers, but also to predict the future and always prepare for tomorrow.
As the fourth industrial revolution takes shape, an increasing number of customers require their HMI devices to connect with ERP or other monitoring and management systems. Although Ethernet is the most widely used means of communication between the HMI and these systems, not all plants are built taking into account the requirements of Ethernet cabling. In these cases, Wi-Fi connectivity may be the best solution. Based on the MT8101iE, Weintek introduces the new MT8103iE model equipped with a Wi-Fi module.
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Touchscreen panel cMT3151 – Weintek

A perfect data integration of the upper and lower layers of the factory.
The new cMT3115 is not just a standard HMI. In addition to all the features of Weintek's HMIs, it can operate as an HMI server for platforms such as Android, iPad, Tablet, cMT-iV5 or cMT-iPC15. These platforms operate as remote displays of the application installed on the cMT3151.

The cMT3151 + cMT-iPC15 solution also provides some data collection, recording and processing features. CMT3151 supports SQLite to store the data and cMT-iPC15 has integrated the MySQL Client that allows you to manage the database tables.
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Touchscreen panels HMI eMT3000 - Weintek

In order to extend the already extensive range of HMI Touchscreen panels, Weintek Labs, specialized in HMI interfaces, presents the new Series eMT3000, powerful, fast, versatile, and unique in the competitive HMI market.

High efficiency 600/800 MHz microprocessor adopted. The outstanding processing ability speeds up data transmission between systems, and supports the display of vivid images and complicated animation. The switching of windows is smooth without delay.
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Touchscreen panels MT8000iE Series – Weintek

RS-485 dual isolation design ensures reliable operation in complex grounding application.

In some field application, due to complicated electrical wiring, the ground difference between HMI, PLC, servo and inverter may cause damage of components if you connect all of these together.

The MT8070iE / 8100iE provide dual independent ground RS485 port that is applicable to any complicated electrical wiring application.
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Touchscreen panels MT8000XE - Weintek

Ultra-high performance and large-size HMI – MT8000XE 
Due to the rapid development of industry, the requirement of hardware and software of HMI becomes higher. 
A key trend in HMI is the move to larger screen sizes that facilitates to control and monitor the operational status of machine.

In response to the market trend and demands of the large type of HMI, Weintek have newly released the MT8000XE: MT8121XE (12.1”) and MT8150XE (15”). Both models are equipped with 1GHz CPU and 256MB RAM. Furthermore, with 1024x768 pixels resolution and 16.2M colors display, they can show vivid colors and display real data with faster speed. Thus, MT8121XE and MT8150XE are perfectly used in a large industrial automation and control system.
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With Dual-Ethernet ports MT8073Ie / MT8092XE - Weintek

Ethernet is a better communication interface in every aspect compared to the traditional RS-232/485 serial port, for its lower cost, faster speed, higher reliability, and better noise immunity. More and more PLCs have adopted Ethernet interface as standard equipment, and it can be expected that within the next five years, Ethernet is poised to rise as the standard communication method between HMI and PLC.

With the rapid development of emerging industrial control field, the smart factory, which emphasizes on integration, efficiency, and intelligent control, is leading the HMI towards a role that links the upper and lower layers of the factory. That is, the HMI not only functions as monitoring and control device on the plant floor, but serves as a communication bridge linking the on-site controller with the host computer (eg: ERP, CMS, SCADA). If HMI only has one Ethernet port, simultaneously connecting HMI with the controller and the host computer requires that all three nodes (HMI, controller, host computer) be in the same network. While Ethernet bandwidth is generally not of concern, security is. In this kind of system, security concern arises when the controller is at risk of external access via the host computer since the host computer may be connecting to the external network.
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