Compact controler LC100 - Jumo

The Jumo LC100 controller is available in 48x48mm format. It is used for two-state and three-state control applications as well as for control of control valves or SCR power controllers through a continuous output of the controller.
 The universal analog input of the LC100 for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage signals is user programmable. The set point value, the actual value and all parameters are displayed on two seven-segment LED displays (red/green) with one or two decimal place(s). The values can be displayed in °C or °F. Depending on the format, up to five relay outputs with a switching capacity of 3 A / 230 V or up to four logic outputs 0/14 V are available. The switch position of the relays or logic outputs is displayed using yellow LEDs. Different functions can be assigned to these outputs. An analog output 0 to 10 V or 0(4) to 20 mA is configurable as continuous controller output, actual value output or set point value output. Using the binary input, the device settings and operation can be locked, a ramp or the timer can be activated, or self-optimization can be initiated. The supply voltage is optionally AC 110 to 240 V or AC/DC 20 to 30 V.

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Compact controller iTRON 32 - Jumo

The Jumo iTRON 32 controller is a universal, programmable compact device for a variety of control tasks.
The 48x24mm controller iTRON 32 features a clearly readable 10mm high 7-segment display for process values and setpoint indication or for dialogs. Only 3 keys are required for your configuration. The configuration of the parameters is organized dynamically and after 2 seconds without operation, the value is automatically accepted. The auto tuning, which is supplied as standard, sets the control parameters optimized by a keystroke. The basic version also includes a ramp function with adjustable gradients. A timer function has been integrated as an extra.
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Compact turbine wheel flow meter DRS - Kobold

Due to their compact design, the sturdy flow meters of the DRS type from Kobold, can be used even if little space is available.
The measurement method, which uses a sapphire-supported turbine wheel and is suitable for liquid media, is extremely low-wear, since the revolutions are sensed in a non-contact manner by magnets from outside. Based on the high repeatability of 0.1% of full-scale, this reliable measuring device with long term stability is highly qualified for batching tasks.
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Compressed air counter 6441/4 - Testo

Since compressed air is produced internally in a factory without exact knowledge of its total or area consumption, there is a need to eliminate leaks and achieve much more efficient use.
The compressed air counters testo 6441 to testo 6444 are designed for the measurement, monitoring and recording of compressed air consumption, and therefore also for the determination of leakages in compressed air systems, consumption-based allocation of costs and the implementation of peak load management.
Using the compressed air counters testo 6441 to testo 6444, transparency of consumption is created for compressed air, similarly as for the media current, water or gas, thus increasing the motivation of those responsible for the process regarding cost reduction measures and energy savings.
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Coriolis mass flowmeter TME/UMC4 - Kobold

High performance at an economical price.

The Kobold TME Series general purpose Coriolis mass flowmeter from KOBOLD Instruments is a very accurate, rugged design built for general purpose mass flow measurements of liquids and gases in most chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas applications.

Mass flow, density and temperature are simultaneously measured, and volumetric flow is computed from these parameters. The flowmeter’s wetted materials (flanges and measuring tubes) are available in 316L stainless steel. The measuring tubes and sensors are protected by a very rugged cast iron housing.
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Differential pressure flow meter/monitor – RCD - Kobold

The Kobold flow meter model RCD is used for measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows. The device works on the well-known principle of the Venturi nozzle. A small pressure difference proportional to the flow is produced by the flowing medium at an orifice constriction (nozzle) in the device housing.

The shape of the nozzle is based on the flow, whereby the flow characteristic remains constant over the entire measuring range. Drill holes are located in the housing fitting to absorb the resulting differential pressure and transfer it to a differential-pressure measuring cell fitted in the housing.
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Digital wireless pressure gauge with logger - ADT680W - Additel

With advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors, the 680 series digital pressure gauges provide an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for a wide range of pressure applications.
They are loaded with functionality and remarkably easy to use. To reach the best performance, every silicon pressure sensor in our gauges is specially aged, tested and screened before assembly. With data logging and wireless features, the 680W gauge can store pressure measurement data in the internal memory or display them on PC through wireless communication. The 680 series digital pressure gauges are unmatched in performance and reliability. Best of all, they are very affordable.
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Electromagnetic flow meters FLONET FH20XX - Elis Plzen

Induction flow meters/ electromagnetic flow meters are intended for industrial measurements of electrically conductive liquids in different fields of industry. Induction flow meters meet most demanding requirements on accuracy, reliability and long-term stability of measurements. Liquid flow rate measurements in both directions of flow are possible.

The liquid flow is measured in a contactless manner; the flow meter has no moving mechanical parts and the hydrodynamic conditions at the measurement location in the pipe are absolutely unaffected.
Induction flow meters of the FLONET FH20XX type series from Elis are intended for professional application and measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids in water and heat-supply systems, food-processing and chemical industries. They meet the most demanding requirements on high measurement accuracy, long-term stability and hygienic standard.
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Electromagnetic flow meters FLONET FH20XX - Elis Plzen

Induction flow meters/ electromagnetic flow meters are intended for industrial measurements of electrically conductive liquids in different fields of industry. Induction flow meters meet most demanding requirements on accuracy, reliability and long-term stability of measurements. Liquid flow rate measurements in both directions of flow are possible.

The liquid flow is measured in a contactless manner; the flow meter has no moving mechanical parts and the hydrodynamic conditions at the measurement location in the pipe are absolutely unaffected.
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Electromagnetic flowmeter compact for conductivity liquids MIK - kobold

The new compact type MIK magnetic-inductive flowmeters of Kobold Messring GmbH from Hofheim have a variety of measuring ranges and are available in an incomparable range of designs.
Measuring ranges start at 0.01 l/min and currently end at 700 l/min. Six different measuring tube sizes from G ½ male to G 2 ¾ male are perfect for users with small to larged-sized measuring ranges. This device series combines the largest measuring range spectrum and the most design options with the lowest market price.
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Flow indicators for liquids DAA – Kobold

To check the flow processes in pipeline systems and for insight into the interior of process pipes, many flow indicators are used in which the flowing medium sets a rotor turning and thus to a large extent visibly signals a flow. The particular thing with the special version Type DAA is that the rotor is housed in a glass cylinder. 

This version ensures a functional flow check from two points of view. On the one hand its construction as a visible cylinder gives a relatively large and thus easily observed field of observation; in addition the rotary movement of the PTFE rotor permits reliable monitoring of cloudy or dark media due to its noticeably bright colouring. This type of device is already widely used and has proven itself in industrial use thanks to its functional reliability.
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Flow meter DTK for small quantities - Kobold

Inspired measurement technology for small volume flow.
With its new DTK impeller flow gauge for small quantities, Kobold-Messring GmbH offers a new versatile, efficient and very economic piece of equipment. This gauge was specially developed for use in low viscosity liquids. It’s very compact construction means it can be used in machines with restricted space as well as in industrial systems.
A special advantage of this gauge is its long term stability and robust construction.
In the DTK flow gauge the medium flows through a specially formed flow casing thus causing the impeller to rotate. Two magnets on the impeller generate electrical impulses in a Hall sensor. The frequency emitted by the electronics is then directly proportionate to the flow velocity.
Downline electronics can use these signals for measuring, monitoring and dosing.
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Flow meter paddle torsional type DPT- kobold

The paddle torsional flow meter type DPT from kobold works with practically no wear and tear. A flat torsion spring fastening the paddle provides the elastic force, and forms the basis of the measuring principle. The deflection of the lever arm is transferred through a magnet to a Hall-effect sensor in a non-contacting fashion. This technology has important advantages: the devices operate independent of the operating pressure. Friction loss during paddle deflection causes no switching hysteresis. 
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Flow meter type DRH - kobold

The rotating vane flow meter type DRH from Kobold can measure flow rates of liquids of low viscosity – and even non-conducting liquids. Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience of Kobold in the field of industrial metrology and a comprehensive selection of specifications, excellent solutions can be provided for a whole range of tasks.
The ten measuring ranges extend from 0.2–0.8 l/min to 2.5–50 l/min. Seven different material combinations for case, cover and seal also provide suitable solutions for problematic media. 
The brass and stainless steel models can operate at up to 100 bar service pressure and at a maximum temperature of 80°C. 
The rotating vane flow meter DRH is ideally suited for service in refrigeration technology, in mechanical engineering and in printed-circuit board manufacturing.
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Flowmeter and counter for liquids and gases BGN - kobold

The Kobold BGN meter is suitable for flow measurement of liquid or gaseous products in pipes. It shows the current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time. 

The Kobold BGN Series variable area flowmeter functions by the fluid flowing from bottom to top through the meter tube of the flowmeter. The float is lifted until an annular gap between the meter ring and the cone-shaped float is produced which corresponds to the flow. The forces acting on the float are in equilibrium. The forces that are mainly acting on the float comprise buoyancy according to the principle of Archimedes, the flow force of the medium and the weight force. Each position of the float corresponds to a flow value measured during calibration, which is transferred to a scale. The BGN variable area flowmeter consists of a meter tube with connections, a meter ring, and a conical float. By means of a magnet, the position of the float is transferred to an encapsulated follow magnet, which has been fitted to a pointer axle. The position of a second annular follow magnet fitted on the pointer axle is transferred to the scale by means of the pointer.
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Magnetic level sensors for liquids, Series M - Kobold

Magnetic level sensors are used for the monitoring and control of liquid levels in vessels and manufactured according to every customer specification.
Kobold magnetic float sensors are fitted with a hermetically sealed contact which is situated in the tube;
The float sliding on the tube contains a whose magnetic field sensor the sealed contact in a non-contacting fashion. The sealed contacts are available as N/O, N/C or changeover contacts;

The float sliding up and down on the liquid is the only moving part in the Kobold magnetic float sensors.
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Mass flowmeter-thermal KMT - Kobold

The flowmeter of the series KMT, based on the measurement principle of thermal mass flow, is ideally suited for the measurement of flow of compressed air and gases in pipes with sizes from DN 15 ... DN 700. Measurement of for instance the usage of compressed air, nitrogen, CO 2 or other non-corrosive gases. The KMT is setting new standards in terms of measurement accuracy and reproducibility thanks to its application specific adjustment during production.
This flowmeter is adjusted under a pressure of 7 bar (abs) (DN 15 ... DN 50) or 9 bar (abs) (DN 65 ... DN 700). Adjusting the device specifically for its application has the advantage of keeping the actual flow speed in the pipeline low even with very large flow quantities. Thanks to the more stable flow profile, this low flow speed facilitates a much better degree of reproducibility and accuracy than if the device were adjusted conventionally under normal pressure, as flow speeds up to 200 Nm/s can often no longer be controlled under conventional adjustment pressures.
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Multichannel process controller / Program controller IMAGO 500 - Jumo

The Jumo IMAGO 500 is a process controller and programmer with up to 8 control channels or 4 programming channels.
The IMAGO 500 is built for the 144x130mm format for a standard panel cut of 92x92mm and a mounting depth of 170mm.
The 5-inch touch-screen display has 27 colors. The layout of the display models can be adjusted individually. Two freely configurable display models allow to be customized for text placement, process values, background images and icons.

The controller has up to 8 analog inputs and 6 logic inputs as well as 6 expansion slots for analogue or switched outputs. Four of these slots can be used alternately for analog inputs or outputs.
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Orifice plate and Orifice flange KPL - Kobold

If a pipeline (through which a medium flows) is reduced at a particular point by a cross-sectional constriction, the flow speed of the measured medium is increased at that point. According to Bernoulli’s energy equation and the law of continuity, the total flow head (dynamic velocity head and static pressure head) is constant. The increase in speed at the constriction causes a reduction in the static head.
The resulting pressure drop is called the differential pressure head; it is a measure of the flow (volume per unit of time or mass per unit of time). The flow rate q is given by: q = c√∆p The flow rate (q) is a function of the square root of the differential pressure head (∆p), where c is the coefficient of flow rate determined by the shape of the differential  pressure transducer and the operating data. The pipeline may be constricted with orifice plates.
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Oval wheel flowmeter for low and high viscous liquids DON - Kobold

Needing minimum space.
The robust oval gear flow meter of DON series from Kobold is optimally designed for measuring flow rates of viscous fluids. It is used to monitor or dose lubricants, pastes, or oils, as well as measure flow rates of water, various chemicals, and even fuel. It covers a viscosity range of 0 to 1000 cP as standard.
The oval wheel meters are positive displacement flowmeters where the passage of liquid causes two oval gears to rotate within a precision measuring chamber and with each rotation a fixed volume of liquid passes through the meter. Magnets embedded within the gears initiate a high resolution pulse train output. The pulse output can be wired directly to process control and monitoring equipment or can be used as an input to instruments supplied with or fitted directly onto the meter.
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Paperless recorder logoscreen 600 with touch screen – Jumo

The Jumo logoscreen 600 paperless recorder features a resistive touchscreen and an intuitive, icon-based operation and visualization concept that makes it very easy to use.
Paperless recorder logoscreen 600 with touch screen from Jumo has six measuring inputs (universal analog inputs), two analog outputs, 12 digital inputs and 12 individually switchable digital inputs/outputs. Logoscreen 600 can display data using the default visualizations, such as curve diagram (vertical or horizontal), bar graph, text image (numerical), or digital diagram. In addition, users can create up to six individual process screens with up to 100 objects per process screen to fit their requirements using the setup program.

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Paperless recorder Logoscreen NT/FD - Jumo

Logoscreen nt represents a new generation of Jumo paperless recorders.
Jumo Logoscreen NT/FD from Jumo represents a new generation of Jumo paperless recorders. They are characterized by their modular concept for measured data recording (3 to 18 measuring inputs are possible internally), by their innovative operating concept, as well as by their high standard of safety with regard to access control and protection of the saved data against tampering. In the Logoscreen NT data can be visualized as a measured value curve, as a bar graph, or in alphanumerical form on process screens. High-performance PC programs are available to evaluate archived data and to configure the Logoscreen NT.

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Plastic level switch for liquids NKP - Kobold

The plastic level switch NKP is designed for economical control of liquids in vessels. Many industrial applications can be realized with two different plastic versions each with three different mountings. The switch is remarkable for its maintenance-free design, small dimensions and reed contacts with high switch capacity.
The switch is mounted on the side of the vessel. A hinged plastic float with a magnet floats up and down through the liquid level. The encapsulated reed contact is operated by the magnet. The switching function (N/O contact / N/C contact) is determined by the installation position. The switching function is reversed by simply rotating the switch through 180°.
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Pressure transmitter Midas C08 - Jumo

Basic OEM pressure transmitter.
The new pressure transmitter Midas C08, is the standard sensor, designed to correspond almost all industrial aplications, like machines, compressors, pneumatics and industrial system applications.

The main requirement of OEM pressure measuring instruments like this is unlimited functionality and availability over many years and decades, without the need for maintenance. Outstanding long-term stability is a highly significant factor in justifying this claim. Thanks to its new, patented sensor technology, JUMO has been able to improve by 100 % the customary long-term stability of comparable market products.

The exceptional vibration performance – 2.5 times as high as the industry standard – also makes sure that the product will be ready to use for many years to come. The temperature compensation range is a remarkable –20 to +100 °C, thus ensuring outstanding measuring accuracy in the operative temperature range of –30 to +125 °C.
The diagnostic functions integrated in the circuit provide safe error detection within the system.

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