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We provide a multi-brand service, based on quality, diversity and technology, in the industrial and building areas. We are fortunate to have been operating in the market for over 40 years, with a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and with a strong commitment to the Client. We understand each business as unique, aiming to generate more value in each interaction.

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Sensor solutions
for all variants of mobile robots

Robotics is on the move, whether it be in production, logistics or service. Mobile robots, in particular, are gathering pace in these areas. The variants range from AGVs, mobile cobots, right through to autonomously driving mobile robots. In short: The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots.

This makes robotics more flexible overall and opens up completely new applications and business models. To enable mobile robots to move about safely and master their numerous challenges, you need intelligent sensor solutions.

The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots!
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Small details make great brands

Small details make great brands

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