Compact linear encoder with high resolution TTK70 - Sick

Compact linear encoder with high resolution.
The non-contact principle of operation means that the position is determined without wear. The sensor uses a unique code pattern to record the absolute position information along the reference scale, and sends this information directly to the evaluation electronics. As a result, there is no need for a reference run. Compact systems with high resolutions or rugged solutions with very high measuring lengths (up to 1,700 m) can be used in a wide range of applications.
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Distance liner measurement sensors - OLV – Sick

The new dimension in non-contact length and speed measurement.

The OLV sensor product family is designed for non-contact speed monitoring and control in production processes.
They are especially useful for length measurement as well as cutting and shearing control for endless products.

Tactile measuring wheels, measuring rollers or tachometers often cause measuring errors and damage to measured objects due to slippage, vibration, contamination and wear. The compact OLV range of linear measurement sensors from Sick offers an accurate, user-friendly and durable solution for such systems. Your decisive advantage: they provide a non-contact material-independent measurement. These non-contact, material-independent sensors, which are based on the laser-Doppler principle, deliver a typical measurement accuracy of ± 0.05%. The OLV sensors are lightweight, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure practically any surface or colour without parameter reconfiguration.
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Distance measurement sensors OD1000 - Sick

The solution for precise measurement over long distances
Perfect quality can only be guaranteed when each and every measurement and process step is controlled. Thanks to its wide range of optical sensors, Sick’s intelligent measurement technology can offer highly accurate solutions for measuring even the smallest objects. Sick is setting new standards in measurement accuracy through the use of numerous technologies, such as 1D and 2D laser triangulation and chromatic confocal processes. This plays an important role in a whole host of different industries – particularly those with a strong emphasis on the measuring, regulation, positioning or monitoring of products and processes. Moreover, Sick’s measurement technology supports quality assurance processes and delivers cost saving benefits.
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Distance Sensors DL100 Hi - Sick

The Sick´s DL100 Hi family combines leading edge technology with innovative design. The product’s phase-shift measurement technology ensures the highest performance, which, in co-operation with drives manufacturers, has been optimized for perfect integration into closed control loops.

Our innovative 3-axis bracket, the smallest housing in its sensor class, as well as the intelligent quick lock system with fast connectors, offers optimized handling and reduced costs of ownership.

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Encoders lineares absolutos KH53 - Sick

Linear position measuring systems for material handling applications, e.g. storage and conveyor systems, have particularly high requirements and performances.

The position linear non-contact absolute positioning encoders KH53 is continuously evaluated by the sensor unit and it’s directly transmitted as an encoded signal by the evaluation electronics housed in the sensor unit. Since the sensor unit and the reference scale are separate components, even extremely long distances can be measured with extremely hi accuracy.
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Inclinometers - TMM55 - Sick

Small, light, and rugged!

The TMM55 inclination sensors are characterized by their compact design and ruggedness. As well as simple 4-hole mounting, the M12 male connector on the cable outlet also offers a great deal of flexibility when mounting the sensor mechanically. With their rugged and UV-resistant plastic housings, the inclination sensors are also ideally suited to outdoor use. The information about the inclination angle is transmitted via analog current or voltage signals. To ensure high levels of accuracy, the inclination sensors are calibrated at the factory.
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Inclinometers - TMS/TMM61 – Sick

Precise inclination measurement in a compact design.

The TMS61 one-dimensional inclination sensor and the TMM61 two-dimensional inclination sensor are setting new standards with respect to size, flexibility, and performance. In their small, rugged plastic housings, the sensors offer excellent resolution and accuracy – what's more, this is achieved over the entire measuring range and in an extremely wide range of ambient conditions. The CANopen interface enables a whole host of device parameters to be adapted, allowing the sensor to be perfectly tailored to the application. The new PGT-12-Pro handheld programming tool from Sick makes configuration much easier. As a result, the user is ready to go in just a few clicks and can cut out the time-consuming task of configuring the sensor via the control system.
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Inclinometers - TMS/TMM88- Sick

High-precision inclination measurement for harsh ambient conditions.

The TMS88 one-dimensional inclination sensor and the TMM88 two-dimensional inclination sensor take measurements with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.02°. The inclination value is provided either via a current or voltage interface with a linearized output signal or via a standardized CANopen interface. The PGT-12-Pro handheld programming tool allows the inclination sensors to be configured with ease, tailoring them perfectly to the application.

The sensors are available in UV-resistant plastic housings and in rugged aluminum housings.
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Incremental encoder DBS60 - Sick

Rugged, versatile incremental encoder for industrial applications.
The DBS60 Core is a rugged incremental encoder with a diameter of 58 mm and a compact mounting depth. It offers a large range of mechanical and electrical interfaces.
The high IP 65 protection rating and the large bearing distance make this a rugged and reliable solution, even at high shaft loads. With a resolution of up to 5,000 pulses, the DBS60 Core is the ideal product for standard applications in a range of different industries.
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Incremental Encoder DUS60 – Sick

Encoders with versatile configuration for machine axes applications.

The DUS60 by Sick is a rotary incremental encoder with built-in DIP switch configuration for the resolution, output voltage, and counting direction. The DUS60 configuration switches reduce the number of variants, enable easy replacement and quick commissioning, and increases the likelihood that spare parts will be in stock – all without any additional programming tools.
The on-board status and signal LEDs and optional fault output quickly indicate the functionality of the encoder, minimizing time required for both installation and troubleshooting.
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Incremental encoders DBS - Sick

The DBS family of incremental Encoders is now complete with the new DBS60 Core. This family, consisting of the DBS36 Core, DBS50 Core and DBS60 Core, is the perfect solution for all standard applications in the industry.
The world-renowned robustness and reliability of the Sick brand, coupled with the multiple mechanical and electrical options available, created the opportunity that we were all waiting to take advantage of the best solutions on the market with exceptional conditions!
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Long range distance measurement sensors Dx1000 - Sick

Great performance at great distance!
When it comes to taking reliable measurements of extremely long distances, both indoors and out, the Dx1000 long range distance sensor is particularly impressive thanks to its exceptional performance.

Equipped with modern HDDM+ technology, the Dx1000 ensures stable measurement results in a rugged housing even in inclement weather. Designed by Sick, this measuring technology is the ideal choice for adverse ambient conditions and offers a flexible range of applications at high speeds. The intuitive nature of the Dx1000 makes it easy to use while also ensuring quick and trouble-free commissioning.
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Magnetostrictive position compact sensores Temposonics E Series - MTS

Effective and efficient - the MTS compact Temposonics E-Series sensors EH (rod style), EP (profile style) and EL (ultralow profile style) are now also available with digital SSI- and CANOpen-outputs. Together with the existing analog interface and the digital Start/Stop-output MTS offers a complete product line with market standard outputs significantly extending the application possibilities. These robust sensors are ideal for measurement and control tasks in standard applications with limited space.

With the new intelligent interfaces, their robust signal transmission and highly exact position measurement, the magnetostrictive position sensors are the perfect answer to the increasing trend of application automation. MTS sensors are an excellent alternative to reed-chain based sensors or limit switches in textile machines, machines in the woodworking industry, plastic injection molding machines or packaging machinery. 
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Magnetostrictive position sensors temposonics E-Series IO-Link - MTS

The Temposonics® E-Series from MTS are very compact sensor models suitable for situations where space-constrained mounting is a critical factor. With a variety of housing styles, the E-Series IO-Link meets the needs of various industrial applications.
The E-Series IO-Link will be available as rod model for in-cylinder integration (EH), as profile model (EP, EP2 and EL) and as an aluminum cylinder with a guided driving rod which contains both the sensor element and the electronics (ER).
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Magnetostrictive position sensors - Temposonics EP2-Series – MTS

Sensors designed for applications requiring simple and economical position feedback

Magnetostriction: The best choice for your application 

You are under constant pressure to improve your products, reduce your costs and maintain a competitive edge. 
The choice you make must provide accuracy and repeatability. You need modular solutions that can adapt to your specific application and you need a price/performance ratio that delivers value. By choosing MTS Temposonics sensors you’re choosing the leader in magnetostrictive position sensors. And that means you have a huge competitive advantage. 

The EP2-Series is the basic sensor in the product range of magnetostrictive position sensors. Its excellent price-performance ratio is an unbeatable asset even for traditional users of different position measurement technologies. 
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Magnetostrictive position sensors - Temposonics G-Series – MTS

Sensors with analogue or Start/Stop output for standard applications.
Magnetostriction: The best choice for your application
You are under constant pressure to improve your products, reduce your costs and maintain a competitive edge. The choice you make must provide accuracy and repeatability. You need modular solutions that can adapt to your specific application and you need a price/performance ratio that delivers value. By choosing MTS Temposonics sensors you’re choosing the leader in magnetostrictive position sensors. And that means you have a huge competitive advantage.

Reliability is the feature which makes the G-Series smart sensors for industrial position measurement so convincing. G-Series transducers are available with analogue or digital start/stop output and can be programmed very easily.
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Magnetostrictive position sensors - Temposonics R-Series - MTS

Smart sensors with highest accuracy and a large variety of designs and interfaces.

Magnetostriction: The best choice for your application!

You are under constant pressure to improve your products, reduce your costs and maintain a competitive edge. The choice you make must provide accuracy and repeatability. You need modular solutions that can adapt to your specific application and you need a price/performance ratio that delivers value. By choosing MTS Temposonics sensors you’re choosing the leader in magnetostrictive position sensors. And that means you have a huge competitive advantage.

Optimum performance for industrial applications – this is what the Temposonics R-Series position sensors offer. As a high end product, this sensor series is the racehorse of MTS. Powerful electronics and unrivalled immunity against interference are a warranty of the transducer's high-accuracy measurement results.
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Magnetostrictive Temposonics E-Series ET sensors - MTS

Temposonics E-Series ET with new interfaces and certificates.

MTS Sensors expands its Temposonics® E-Series ET Sensor with Analog and SSI interfaces as well as IECEx, CEC and NEC certificates. Temposonics® E-Series ET is the ideal solution for usage in hazardous areas and in high temperature applications with a small and compact housing.
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Mid range distance sensors - Sick

SICK’s many years of experience and the constant advances in distance sensor technology are reflected in the innovative HDDM (high definition distance measurement) products. The unique statistical pulse time-of-flight method forms the technical basis for maximum reliability and high precision with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Using this time-of-flight method, the products of the Dx50 family are able to measure distances up to 50 m with millimeter precision.

The perfect combination of range, reliability, precision and price.
SICK’s mid range distance sensors provide sensing ranges from 80 mm up to 50,000 mm, enabling them to be used in a wide range of applications. Due to their highly reliable measurements on objects of different colors and textures, process reliability can be improved. Plus, all sensors have easy-to-understand setup and programming, ensuring they can be commissioned quickly. The perfect combination of range, reliability, precision and price. 
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Motor feedback systems rotary Hiperface DSL® EFS/EFM50 - Sick

The EFS/EFM50 motor feedback system features a compact and rugged design with a diameter of 50 mm.
In combination with the absolute location indicator system of the motor feedback system, a resolution of up to 23 bits per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions, this design is unique in its class.
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Motor feedback systems rotary Hiperface DSL® EKS/EKM36 - Sick

Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives.

From a mechanical point of view, the EKS/EKM36 motor feedback system is based on the proven 36 mm design. This design is both compact and rugged, and has been proven many times over in a wide range of applications and surroundings.

In combination with an absolute location indicator system with a resolution of up to 20 Bits per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions, this design is unique in its class.
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Optical sensor for distance measurement - OC Sharp - Sick

Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision.
The OC Sharp is a highly precise optical distance sensor based on chromatic confocal measuring technology. 

This measuring technology allows precise measurements nearest to nanometer on a wide range of materials, from pitch black to transparent materials. It is also possible to measure the thickness of materials and films. The measuring technology features a passive sensor head without electronic components. This ensures measurements are not affected by interference (e.g., EMC).
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Positioning Systems Magnetostrictive GT2/GT3 – MTS

The G-Series Redundant sensor is designed for applications with high safety requirements.
Two or three measuring systems, which work totally independent, are installed inside the compact sensor housing. Each measuring system contains its own canal with sensor element, evaluation electronics, output signal, separated power supply, connector and cable.
All sensor elements are integrated in one pressure proofed high-grade steel rod. Rod and fixing flange feature the approved standard dimensions with 10 mm diameter and M18x 1,5 winding. That qualifies the redundant sensor for measuring linear movements of control valves, linear drives, fluid cylinders and machines.

Analog output
Temposonics G-Series with analog outputs provide direct analog outputs including voltage and current, forward or reverse acting. All outputs allow full adjustment of Null and Span setpoints (minimum range 50 mm between setpoints) inside the active electrical stroke length. Since the outputs are direct, no signal conditioning electronics are needed when interfacing with controllers or meters.
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Programming tool for PC PGT-8-S - Sick

The PGT-08-S is an intuitive programming tool that allows the configuration of the programmable encoders from Sick.

This tool has a low weight and compact dimensions, can be used to configure all the encoders from the F family, incremental and absolute.
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