2F-85 and 2F-140 Grippers – Robotiq

The Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper has two versions, 85 and 140. The 2-Finger version will change finger opening dimensions, which will be 85 mm (2F-85) or 140 mm (2F-140).
Both versions use the same base, installation and control will be exactly the same. The 2-Finger Gripper is a robotic peripheral that is designed for industrial applications. Its design makes it a unique robotic end-of-arm tool to quickly pick, place and handle a large range of objects of varying sizes and shapes.

Colaborative robots TM12 | TM14 – Techman Robots

High payload with extended reach!
Class leading payload and reach.
The TM12 & TM14 offer class leading payload and reach capabilities. The TM12 offers 12Kg payload and a 1300mm reach and the TM14 offers a 14Kg payload and 1100mm reach. Like the TM5, the new increased specification robots are easy to deploy, are highly flexible, are maintenance free and provide a high-performance automation solution for manufacturing.
Built in vision system.

Collaborative robot TM5 – Techman Robot

TM5 - The world’s first collaborative robot with built-in vision.
The Techman’s TM5 collaborative robot features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications.
Having vision identification functionality completely integrated within the TM5 collaborative robot platform, provides an easy and intuitive way to achieve robot calibration to work piece or tooling, product selection, 1D or 2D barcodes and a host of other vision applications, delivering a true Industry 4.0 solution.

Collaborative robot TM16 – Techman Robot

The TM16 by Techman Robot is built for higher payloads. Suitable for applications such as machine tending, material handling and packaging, this powerhouse cobot allows for heavier lifting and it is especially useful for boosting productivity. With excellent position repeatability and a superior vision system from Techman Robot, our cobot can perform tasks with great accuracy. TM16 is commonly used in the automotive, machining and logistics industries.

Collaborative robot TM20 – Techman Robot

The TM20 has a higher payload capability in our AI robot series. The increased payload of up to 20kg, enables the further scaling of robotic automation and throughput increases for more demanding, heavier-duty applications with ease. It is specifically designed for massive pick-and-place tasks, heavy machine tending, and high-volume packaging and palletizing.

MELFA Robots RV and RH – Mitsubishi Electric

Get a grip on consistent quality.
Mitsubishi's range of advanced MELFA robots offer speed, accuracy and compact design as well as long life. MELFA Robots deliver class leading benefits for small-medium robot applications.

Mobil series TM-M - Techman Robot

The TM-M is the ultimate solution for integrating collaborative robots with automated transfer vehicles. The TM-M series are powered by a DC 20-60V supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV′s and mobile vehicles.
By utilizing the “TM-Landmark”, the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly.

Palletizing TM Operator - Techman Robot

Techman Robot offers TM Operator, an all-in-one application-based solution, as a ready to-use and proven automation solution for businesses to quickly and effectively deploy collaborative robots in the workplace, without over-investing.
Our application-based cobot solution minimizes businesses’ efforts and costs while automating production lines, providing a competitive total cost of ownership. With TM Operator, we provide businesses a more sensible investment and easy deployment to increase production efficiency and flexibility - taking away the high cost and complexity of assembling a solution from numerous sources. By minimizing cost and effort, we are helping many businesses to maximize their return on investment.

Robot horizontal type Scara – Mitsubishi Electric

The Mitsubishi RH-F series features the latest 4-axis SCARA robots, perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.
High speed and high precision are only achieved with a highly rigid arm and the latest servo control technology. RH-F Robots are prepared for a wide range of production facilities in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as the most demanding high-speed operations for high-precision assembly applications.

Robot RV-8CRL - Mitsubishi Electric

In order to complement its range, Mitsubishi has been working in recent years on the development of Compact robots.
With this new family it’s possible to offer a more compact solution in their size, but also more economical than the standard series. Creating their derivation from the CR series, last year 2 new models were launched in the Scara version (RH) and this year, with the launch of the RV-8CRL model, the RV version is included, maintaining all the quality standards we know.

Software SCADA TMmanager – Techman Robot

TMmanager is a powerful SCADA software solution that makes it easy for you to utilize all manufacturing data and manage your smart factory.
It has an intelligent management system with real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis. It runs on Windows operating system and supports multiple standard industry protocols and databases. Our user friendly interface allows you to remotely monitor and view all factory information instantly. The software dashboard is also desinged to provide operators and managers with visualized data, generate charts, and analyze report. More importantly, it can also provide alarm messages to relevant personnel for them to understand the real-time conditions and make the right response.

Software TM AI+ Training Server - Techman Robot

Using TM AI+ to help robot create its own principle for object classification and detection.
TM AI+ can help you solve these issues.
By processing massive image data of the object to use for AI deep learning, the machine can learn and conclude principles for object classification or detection. The robot arm can easily execute differentiation tasks based on the principles learned.

Vacuum gripper EPick – Robotiq

The EPick gripper is a vacuum gripper that generates a vacuum with an electric vacuum pump. No air supply which provide more mobility and flexibility.
Robotiq Vacuum grippers can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up uneven and even workpieces made of different materials, such as cardboard, glass, sheet metal (dry) and plastic. Because of the customizable bracket and unique air nodes, Robotiq vacuum grippers provide manufacturers full control over their gripper to make sure it’s a perfect fit for their applications.

Vertical robot type RV-F series - Mitsubishi Electric

The RV-F series presente a highly dynamic 6-axis articulated robot with a high degree of quality and reliability.

The double arm structure not only provides an advantage in terms of freedom of movement, but also more stability and versatility. Depending on the model, the robots are prepared to withstand loads of 2 to 70 kilograms and working distances of 504 to 2055 millimeters. Working in confined spaces, and installed in the wall or ceiling, is no problem for the RV-F series.
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