Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i

Proven technology meets revolutionary operation

The Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i flue gas analyzer advanced set will enable you to overcome all the challenges that crop up when commissioning and servicing heating systems. The Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i advanced set contains the flue gas analyzer, a flue gas probe and a temperature probe, along with practical accessories.

Analitical Measure Analyser TOCOR700 – SICK

Extractive Online Analyzer for Measurement of Organic Water Pollutants (TOC)

The TOC-analyzer TOCOR oxidizes the organic carbon in the water sample to CO2 which is then measured by a NDIR gas analyzer. Previously, anorganic carbon is removed by a stripper. The required carrier gas is produced by the TOCOR700 itself, so it can be operated indepentendly from instrument air.

BIOGAS analyser Multitec 545 - Sewerin

Multi-gas measuring device with infrared sensors and extended measuring range for hydrogen sulphide.

With the Multitec 545, up to five gases can be measured simultaneously. The very high H2S concentrations in wastewater treatment plants and palm oil factories, for example, place special demands on the measuring instrument. With its rugged design and wide H2S measuring range, the Multitec 545 is ideal for this use.

BIOGAS analyzer Multitec® BioControl 2 - Sewerin

The entry-level model for individual process optimization.

The BIOGAS analyser Multitec® BioControl2 da Sewerin is a unique measuring system comprising a fixed stationary unit and a mobile gas measuring device. It is used in small to medium-sized BIOGAS plants, landfills, wastewater treatment plants and composting plants.

BIOGAS measuring analyser Multitec 540 – Sewerin

Combined stationary measuring device with mobile gas meter.

The Multitec® BioControl is a combined measuring device consisting of the Multitec® BioControl fixed installation and a mobile gas measuring device, namely the Multitec® 540.

Depending on the version of Multitec® BioControl, the gas composition and volume can be automatically measured and monitored at up to eight measurement locations. The Multitec® 540 measures the values at the individual measurement locations sequentially. The values are transferred to the Multitec® BioControl via an interface.

The mobile gas measuring device must be regularly maintained to guarantee accurate measuring results. The Multitec® BioControl allows easy maintenance for the versions with four and eight measurement locations as standard, with automatic calibration and adjustment with test gas.

Bus-capable connection digiLine - Jumo

Intelligent, bus-capable connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis.

With JUMO digiLine, JUMO presents a bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis which also offers Plug and Play functionality. 

JUMO digiLine Opens the Door to Sensor Technology 4.0
JUMO digiLine enables simple construction of sensor networks in which sensors are connected to each other in a star or tree structure. A single shared signal line is used for communication with the next evaluation unit or controller. This way plants in which several parameters need to be measured at the same time in different places can be wired efficiently and quickly.

Combustion gas analysers – Control Unit Testo 350

The control unit with the large graphic display is the element of display and control of the Testo 350. 

Can be removed and the base is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. All settings are performed using the cursor. The presentation of measurement values is performed through multi-color graphics display. Thanks to the internal memory, the measurement data can be downloaded from the box analysis to the control unit. If necessary, can be used and controlled several boxes of analysis using only one control unit.

Combustion gas analysers – Testo 330-1 LL

Thanks to the new instrument functions, the Testo flue gas analyzers of the new Testo 330-LL series now offer you even more professional and reliable support.

Compact multichannel transmitter/controller - dTRANS pH 02 - Jumo

The Jumo dTRANS pH 02 is a compact, modular instrument, that has the flexibility (with 3 slots, optional boards, etc.,) to accomplish a wide range of tasks. 
The main input of the Jumo dTRANS pH 02 is designed for sensors to measure the pH value or the redox voltage - both conventional glass sensors and ISFET sensors can be connected - or the concentration of ammonia. PT100 or PT1000 resistance thermometers, NTC/ PTC or 0(4) to 20 mA and 0 to 10 V standard signals can be connected to the second analog input (compensating input). The two binary inputs can be used both as the initiators for actions (such as HOLD, keyboard inhibit), and for flow rate measurement, when pulse generators (such as impeller sensors) are connected. The high-contrast, graphic display allows the input signals to be visualized by numbers or as a bar graph. Parameters are displayed in plain text for easily comprehensible and secure operation.

Conductive and inductive conductivity sensor digiLine CR e Ci - Jumo

Digital measurement of inductive and conductive conductivity, now with IO-Link.
Another step in Jumo’s intelligent measurement technology with new conductivity sensors, which expand JUMO’s transmitters range for digiLine digital communication bus.
The new smart transmitters are available in various mechanical and electrical installation configurations, perfectly adjusted for each application, with inductive and conductive sensors to measure electrolytic conductivity.

Conductive two-electrode conductivity sensor BlackLine CR-GT/-EC/-GS - JUMO

This conductivity sensor from the BlackLine family is available in versions GT, EC, and GS.

The GT version features a special graphite as the electrode material. The graphite has been especially treated to achieve - in conjunction with suitable evaluation devices – measuring ranges up to 100 mS/cm and above.
A temperature probe can optionally be integrated. The conductivity sensor with 120 mm fitting length and a shaft diameter of 12 mm can be used in combination with standard pH or redox electrodes in suitable built-in fittings. The sensor is also ideally suited for linking with handheld or laboratory measuring equipment. When used as an online sensor, suitable flow-through fittings must be employed.

Conductivity sensor for water technology ecoLine Ci – JUMO

The sensor detects the electrolytic conductivity of a process liquid. It uses the inductive principle of measurement. Because it uses the inductive method of measurement rather than the conductive 2-pin or 4-pin measurement method, the sensor is virtually maintenance-free.
The sensor detects the electrolytic conductivity of a process liquid and the measuring accuracy is practically unaffected by accumulations and grease or oil film on the surface of the sensor.
A (Pt1000) temperature sensor acquires the process temperature at the same time. The temperature sensor can either be exposed in a stainless-steel pocket (ultra-fast response) or be located right inside the plastic body (with PVDF, only the internal option is possible).

Digital optical sensor digiLine O-DO S10 - Jumo

Jumo digiLine O-DO S10 the digital optical sensor for dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions.

The sensor's latest optical technology enables precise measurement with long-term stability in fish breeding, sewage treatment plants, as well as other water and wastewater technology applications. The integrated analog and digital interface allows easy connection to field devices and process control systems.

Dust concentration measuring system DUSTHUNTER T200 – SICK

Dust concentration measuring system.

The DUSTHUNTER T200 is a type-approved measuring device for dust at medium to high concentrations. Basic measuring value is transmittance. Opacity and extinction can be calculated and displayed as well as the dust concentration after gravimetric calibration. Furthermore, it has an integrated contamination check of the sender-receiver and reflector unit as well as an automatic self-alignment of the optical assembly.

Dust monitor in wet flue gas FWE200DH - SICK

Reliable dust measurement in wet gases.
The FWE200DH dust measuring device is designed to continuously measure dust concentrations in wet flue gas. The gas is extracted via a sampling probe and heated above dew point. Droplets in the gas are vaporized, making it impossible for them to falsify the measurement results. The highly sensitive scattered light measurement principle enables even very low dust concentrations to be measured.

The FWE200DH meets the requirements of EN 14181 and EN 15267.

Dust monitor with two measuring principles DUSTHUNTER C200 - SICK

Dust monitor with two measuring principles.

The DUSTHUNTER C200 is a type-approved measuring device which combines the advantages of the measuring principles transmittance and scattered light forward. Therefore, it is ideal for measurement of very low to high dust concentrations.

The automatic self-alignment optimizes the position of the measuring beam and prevents incorrect measurement. An automatic check of zero and reference point as well as a contamination monitoring is integrated in the device.

Dust monitor with two measuring principles DUSTHUNTER SP100 - SICK

Exhaust gases from cement production or similar applications are usually loaded with dust particles. Environmental protection legislation requires that the dust is removed before the gas is released into the atmosphere.
The SICK dust monitor DUSTHUNTER SP100 measures even low dust concentrations and thus detects any filter errors. An automatic zero and reference point check is integrated to reduce the need for maintenance.

Extractive gas analyzers MCS300P HW – SICK

The MCS300P HW is a hot/wet extractive analyzer system for measuring gases. 
It detects IR- or VIS-active components with variable measuring ranges for monitoring and regulating combustion processes and exhaust gas purification systems. The heated system components prevent the water and acid dew points from being undercut.

Fixed gas analyser IN SITU ZIRKOR302 – SICK

The other kind of oxygen measurement.
The ZIRKOR302 in-situ gas analyzer from SICK can be relied upon to measure oxygen quickly even at increased temperatures.
Thanks to the flow sensor measurement principle, it does not require expensive test gases – ambient air is sufficient. The analyzer is not an ignition source in the measurement gas due to its safety-related construction. The optional evaluation unit allows you to operate up to three analyzers.

Fixed gas analyser MCS100FT - SICK

FTIR multi-component analyzing system, for emissions and raw gas monitoring - also with high acid dew point measuring ranges

The FTIR measuring principle allows the simultaneous determination of more than 10 measuring components - tailor made for the particular requirements of the customer. The MCS100FT with its heated measuring cell enables the monitoring of hydrogen fluoride limits as requested by legislation. 

The MCS100FT is equipped with an oxygen sensor as standard and can be supplemented with a total hydrocarbon analyzer. With its very reliable measuring technology, its comfortable operation and the low maintenance effort, the MCS100FT provides a careless package that offers unequalled opportunities. 

Variants MCS100E CD - Analyzer system with sample gas cooler;  MCS100E HW - Analyzer system with hot measurement technology;  MCS100E PD - Analyzer system with permeation dryer;  MERCEM - Continuous emission monitoring system for mercury.

Fixed gas analyser SIDOR - SICK

The SIDOR is a fixed gas analyzer for measurement of up to two infrared components. Additionally oxygen can be measured by integration of an electrochemical or paramagnetic measuring cell. A significant characteristic is a half-yearly maintenance interval with test gases.

The stability of the measuring cells allows an adjustment with only inert gas or ambient air within this half-year period. Sample gas pressure compensation is included as a standard.

The SIDOR was type approved for large combustion plants and crematories. With the type examination according to ATEX the gas analyzer SIDOR satisfies all actual regulations and directives. It is the ideal device for security relevant measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Fixed gas analysers GHG-CONTROL – SICK

Measurement system in-situ and integrated greenhouse gases. 

Continuous, reliable, and real-time measurement of the current CO2 and N2O load: The gas analyzer GHG-Control from SICK is the only in-situ solution that provides companies with an overview of the amount greenhouse gases emitted at any time. GHG-Control records the CO2-/N2O gas concentrations and their volume flow and determines the total quantity very precisely. 

Fixed gas analysers SICK MAC / GMS 800 - SICK

Modular fully configurable system for extractive gas analysis.

The innovative system SICK MAC / GMS 800 is a modular fully configurable system that meets the European Standards EN 15267 and EN 14181 for emission monitoring.

The SICK MAC / GMS 800 versions provide monitoring to meet current directives as well as future requirements, for example emission monitoring in plants with lignite and hard coal firing, gas firing, gas turbines as well as measurement of greenhouse gases.

Fixed gas oxigen analyser IN SITU ZIRKOR100 - SICK

Oxygen measurement made easy!
The ZIRKOR100 gas analyzer from SICK provides robust and reliable oxygen measurement for small combustion plants.
It is characterized by a measurement cell with a long service life and a diagnostic function. This significantly reduces maintenance effort. The ZIRKOR remote app allows you to wirelessly access the analyzer quickly and easily.
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