Exceeding the expectations of our customers and employees has been a priority for NOVUS. This, coupled with social and environmental responsibility, demonstrates our deep and ongoing commitment to the community and to the environment.

With the economic opening of the 1990's in Brazil, and consequent influx of imports, NOVUS management responded and seized the opportunity to reinvent the company, seeking new challenges. The goal was to develop a strategy aimed at producing products that appealed to international markets, expanding its boundaries beyond the borders of Brazil, looking at the world as a potential customer. The same product that comes off of our assembly lines can find its way to a small town in Brazil or to an advanced center of any European or American city.

With modern high precision automatic SMT assembly equipment, NOVUS is technologically able to meet stringent requirements in line with the strictest environmental standards.

NOVUS is not here by chance. Our achievements are the result of hard work, investment and innovation.
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