Qbus has been founded in 1999.
But the story really begins a lot earlier. In the early '90s, André Lambrecht - passionate about microchips and assembler software - is confident that existing electrical installations should be more flexible and adjustable. Research of existing automation systems at that time teaches him that these were not very reliable and complex to install and configure. Hence he decided to put all his time and financial resources in a quest for a fast and stable bus structure which he can use as the underlying communication-foundation for future Qbus-modules. An endless series of experiments, prototypes, modifications and improvements result three years later in a fast, stable, bi-directional communication over two wires between two modules. This becomes the basis for the current Qbus protocol, a protocol which can be used as a platform to continuously develop new Qbus modules based on newer technologies. In 2010 Qbus 3.0 is launched. This third generation of Qbus modules has been through the most stringent quality tests, underwent different technical improvements and has a completely different look and feel compared to the early days. However, also the Qbus 3.0 modules are still powered by and communicate over the same Qbus bus protocol that has been developed more than 10 years ago.
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