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SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES, in its current form, was founded by Jean Marc SINGER in 1996. The original plan was to propose simple solutions to French industry to improve productivity, energy efficiency and preserve the environment.
The main area chosen for this project was preventive maintenance.

Thanks to their experience in the sector, they deliberately decided to approach the largest number of maintenance technicians, proposing solutions close to those "in the field".
Thus, they began to import and distribute diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance in France, characterized by their ease of use, efficiency and low cost.

For almost fifteen years, they have been the exclusive distributor in France for the largest brands of ultrasonic detectors, thermal imaging cameras, laser axis alignment systems and vibration analysis devices.
Beginning in 2010, they began to consider developing their own solutions for two main reasons:
Increase export sales;

Develop technology that hasn't produced anything new in a long time. 
From the idea that a clear vision is essential in everything in life, they began to rethink traditional diagnostic tools, introducing the vision. That was how the sensational LEAKSHOOTER was born in 2013, the first ultrasound leak detection camera in the world. 2016 saw the arrival of its second innovation, the VSHOOTER, the first vibration analysis camera. Like LEAKSHOOTER, VSHOOTER is an entirely new concept of diagnostic tool.

This progressive conversion of the distribution business to development was made possible thanks to the great experience, skill and dedication of the entire team.
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