Safer and more efficient factories

The BMW Group is a world-leading premium car manufacturer with more than 30 plants around the world and a workforce of more than 118,000 people.

Mercedes-Benz, formerly Daimler AG, is one of the world's most successful automotive brands in the premium and luxury segment.

BMW bases its success on long-term planning and setting a conscious and sustainable course for the future.

The Mercedez-Benz group aims to lead the way in the area of electric mobility and to excel in the development of innovative software to support autonomous driving.
Project identification:
BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler factories.
Industrial, in the automation area.
Suitable for the following industry:
Used equipment:
MVK remote I/O module with active safety and Murrelektronik's ProfiNet/PROFIsafe network.
End customer name:
BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler (ThyssenKrupp).
Introsys, S.A. - Integration for Robotic Systems.
Construction owner:
BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler (ThyssenKrupp).
Application goal:
Murrelektronik's MVK remote I/O modules are metal-encased, extremely resistant devices that fit perfectly into automotive production lines, particularly when welding processes are involved.

This production process involves risks that are previously assessed and the safety MVK has a fundamental role in the implementation of risk reduction measures, in areas of high demand and wear caused either by vibration or by welding sparks.

The quality of Murrelektronik's MVK product is so recognized in this area that there is an exclusive agreement for the application of this product in the production units of the largest German manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Murrelektronik's MVK features an incredible 157 years of MTTFD (Mean Time to Critical Failure).
What support did you find from F.Fonseca and the brand?
F.Fonseca supported the client from a commercial and logistical point of view.
Type(s) of product(s) used:
In the implementation of the project, safety MVKs with push-pull plugs, sensor cables with jacket suitable for robotic applications, cables and AIDA-compliant plugs for safety devices were used.
Risk reduction in production processes, for people and equipment. Consequently, safer and more efficient factories.
Name of F. Fonseca's employee(s) who developed the solution:
Adriano Santos - General Automation Product Manager;
Henrique Ferreira - Client Manager;
In representation of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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