Project name / location:
Solomon's Temple, São Paulo - Brazil.
Construction owner:
UCKG - Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.
Arq. Rogério Silva de Araújo.
Specialty project:
M Mazza Arquitetura
Project description:
Completed in 2014, the Temple of Solomon is 126 meters long, 104 meters wide, 56 meters high. With a construction area of 75 thousand m², it can accommodate 10 thousand people sitting in its main room. First religious temple to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Total investment of approximately 232 million euros.
Purpose of the application / what motivated the use of our solution:
The renowned lighting manufacturer Osvaldo Matos aimed to create a screen with around 10,000 LED panels installed on the ceiling of the main hall, with a ceiling height of around 18 meters. When in operation, the LED panels will form different images, as well as being able to illuminate each visitor's Bible. With these specificities, there was a need to develop a fast and safe connection system to supply and distribute energy and data to all LED panels planned.
What support did you find from F.Fonseca and the brand?
The DIM RGB LED panels from Osvaldo Matos with square format will make the ceiling look like a single piece. Installed at 18 meters high, the panels will be connected in groups of 4, this group powered by an LED driver. F.Fonseca, together with Osvaldo Matos, developed all the necessary specific cabling and the respective gesis® quick connections for: from the electrical panel to each lighting circuit; driver in driver; and from the driver to each panel.
Solution description:
One of the important requirements for the LED DIM RGB system to guarantee its correct functioning was the use of special cables protected against electrical interference between the power lines and the data lines. With this, a Liycy 3x1.5mm2 + 2x1.5mm2 cable was manufactured with two independent 85% copper meshes, connected to the earth pole of the Wieland Electric gesis® GST18i5 quick connection system. In addition to the manufacture of pre-connectorized cables, it was also necessary to use specific GST18i5 distributors to guarantee the plug&play installation of the entire system. The cables were executed by F.Fonseca and delivered to Osvaldo Matos Portugal, which prepared and tested all the lighting and electrical installation in Portugal, and sent the finished project to Brazil. At 18 meters high, the installation was carried out the way it should be done: simple; fast; safe; and without errors.
Wieland Electric.
Type(s) of product(s) used:
gesis® solution GST18i5 Blue DIM series from Wieland Electric.
Totals of 2,500 distributors, 7,750 connectors and around 7,500m of Liycy cable.
Name of F. Fonseca's employee(s) who developed the solution:
João Toito - Building Technologies Product Manager.
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