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Touchscreen panels MT8000XE - Weintek

Ultra-high performance and large-size HMI – MT8000XE 
Due to the rapid development of industry, the requirement of hardware and software of HMI becomes higher. 
A key trend in HMI is the move to larger screen sizes that facilitates to control and monitor the operational status of machine.

In response to the market trend and demands of the large type of HMI, Weintek have newly released the MT8000XE: MT8121XE (12.1”) and MT8150XE (15”). Both models are equipped with 1GHz CPU and 256MB RAM. Furthermore, with 1024x768 pixels resolution and 16.2M colors display, they can show vivid colors and display real data with faster speed. Thus, MT8121XE and MT8150XE are perfectly used in a large industrial automation and control system.
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With Dual-Ethernet ports MT8073Ie / MT8092XE - Weintek

Ethernet is a better communication interface in every aspect compared to the traditional RS-232/485 serial port, for its lower cost, faster speed, higher reliability, and better noise immunity. More and more PLCs have adopted Ethernet interface as standard equipment, and it can be expected that within the next five years, Ethernet is poised to rise as the standard communication method between HMI and PLC.

With the rapid development of emerging industrial control field, the smart factory, which emphasizes on integration, efficiency, and intelligent control, is leading the HMI towards a role that links the upper and lower layers of the factory. That is, the HMI not only functions as monitoring and control device on the plant floor, but serves as a communication bridge linking the on-site controller with the host computer (eg: ERP, CMS, SCADA). If HMI only has one Ethernet port, simultaneously connecting HMI with the controller and the host computer requires that all three nodes (HMI, controller, host computer) be in the same network. While Ethernet bandwidth is generally not of concern, security is. In this kind of system, security concern arises when the controller is at risk of external access via the host computer since the host computer may be connecting to the external network.
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