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Portable Multigas Detector Ventis MX4 – Industrial Scientific

The Ventis MX4 gas detector is configured for your safety. The Ventis MX4 takes your gas detection program to the next level.

No matter the industry, workplaces are becoming more complex. Demands for increased productivity and efficiency persist to become the focal point of operations. In order to meet such high demands, employees working in potentially hazardous environments require a high quality, reliable gas detector that above all else, keeps them safe.
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The highly configurable Ventis MX4 gas detector is specifically designed to meet unique gas detection needs while maintaining worker safety. Available with or without an optional, integral pump, the Ventis is ideal for confined space or personal monitoring. In addition to multiple sensor and battery configurations, you can choose from a robust suite of accessories. Each of these options for configuration ensures that when you receive your monitor, you receive only what you need. Best of all, the Ventis is compatible with iNet, enabling increased efficiency, safety and reduced costs.
Two- year warranty, including sensors and battery
Polycarbonate w/ protective rubber overmold
103 mm x 58 mm x 30 mm (4.1" x 2.3" x 1.2") - Ventis lithium-ion battery
172 mm x 67 mm x 66 mm (6.8" x 2.6" x 2.6") - Ventis with pump
lithium-ion battery version
182 g (6.4 oz) - Ventis, lithium-ion battery version
380 g (13.4 oz) - Ventis with Pump, lithium-ion battery version
-20°C- 50°C (-4°F-122°F)
Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack / (12 hours typical @ 20ºC) - Ventis
Rechargeable extended-range lithium-ion battery pack / (20 hours typical @ 20ºC) - Ventis / (12 hours typical @ 20ºC) - Ventis with pump
Replaceable AAA alkaline battery pack / (8 hours typical @ 20ºC) - Ventis
(4 hours typical @ 20ºC) - Ventis with pump
Ultra-bright LEDs, loud audible alarm (95 dB at 30 cm), and vibrating alarm
Combustible gases/methane - Catalytic Diffusion
O2, CO/H2 low, CO, H2S, NO2, SO2 - Electrochemical
Combustible Gases: 0-100% LEL in 1% increments
Methane (CH4): 0-5% of vol. in 0.01% increments
Oxygen (O2): 0-30% of vol. in 0.1% increments
Carbon monoxide (CO/H2 low): 0-1,000 ppm in 1 ppm increments
Carbon monoxide (CO): 0-1,000 ppm in 1 ppm increments
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): 0-500 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2): 0-150 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments
Sulfur dioxide (SO2): 0-150 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga and Ex ia I Ma;
Equipment Group and Category II 1G and I M1; IP66; IP67

  • Detect from one to four gases with a wide range of sensor options;
  • Draw samples from up to 100 feet with an optional, integrated sampling pump;
  • Gain increased instrument visibility with a safety orange overmold;
  • Realize true portability with multi-gas protection in single-gas size;
  • Use the extended range battery for up to 20 hours (without pump);
  • Discover a better way to do gas detection with the Ventis on iNet.

  • Exceptional durability in harsh industrial environments;
  • Expandable and adaptable to new applications;
  • Small size and low weight;
  • Accessories for remote sampling;
  • Greater autonomy of operation;
  • Continuous record of operation and events;
  • Implementation of access levels;
  • Noticeable alarm in high noise environments and low light conditions;
  • Docking Stations to simplify maintenance procedures;
  • Compatible with iNet.

  • Chemical;
  • Construction;
  • Electrical / Gas Utilities;
  • Fire Service;
  • Oil and Gas;
  • Public Works;
  • Steel Production;
  • Water / Waste Water Treatment.

Ref. A14204289
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