24 July 2023

3D machine vision Ruler3000 – SICK

SICK's Ruler3000: The fastest way to high 3D performance!
Highly accurate with an unmatched measurement speed, the new generation Ruler3000 3D cameras will be the number one choice for machine vision system integrators and industrial applications. Being powered by the unique 3D CMOS sensor from SICK tailored for superior image processing, their measurement results are very reliable.
The factory-calibrated sensor extracts the true 3D shape of an object, regardless of its contrast or color. Ruler3000 delivers accurate measurement values down to 8 µm in height. Thanks to the guaranteed field-of-view concept, commissioning is easy. GigE Vision and GenICam compliance ensures cost-effective integration.
This equipment is suitable for applications in numerous industries, including automotive, electronics and tire industries.
Find out more about the features of SICK's Ruler3000 3D vision camera at www.ffonseca.com.
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