10 January 2022

750€ delivered to Operação Nariz Vermelho

F. Fonseca supports Operação Nariz Vermelho for the 3rd consecutive year.
By answering F.Fonseca's annual satisfaction questionnaire, our Clients also participate in a solidarity cause.
In 2021, health continued to be one of the most valued factors, so we continued to support Operação Nariz Vermelho. For every questionnaire answered online, €5 donated to support this cause.
This initiative allowed our donation to reach €750, delivered to the institution at the beginning of January, which received it, once again, with great gratitude.

The joint collaboration with our customers makes a difference in the lives of many children, which requires an increasingly dedicated look at this type of support and causes by our organization, making us, even with a sum of little ones. gestures, an example that we would like to see followed.
It is thanks to the contribution of each one that we can continue to bring joy to hospitalized children, their families and hospital professionals.
Mafalda Ataide - Operation Red Nose.
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