27 April 2023

AI Cobot Series - Collaborative robots from Techman Robot

F.Fonseca presents the AI Cobot Series - Collaborative robots from Techman Robot
Ready to optimize your factory?
Collaborative robots are the key to unlocking efficiency in industry!
Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots recognize the presence and orientation of parts and their environment to perform visual inspections and dynamic pick-and-place tasks. In this way, they increase productivity, reduce costs and shorten cycle times.
True vision leader
The ability to "see" and interpret visual data on control panels, for example, makes Techman AI Cobot's collaborative robots far superior. They are revolutionary in performing precision tasks in dynamic workspaces, making operations run more smoothly and automation processes more efficient.
No experience necessary
TMflow is an innovative, fully graphical robot programming software based on flow diagrams. It allows users, even those with no programming experience, to program the robot in a simple and intuitive way using a tablet or computer. Each function is presented in the form of an icon, which makes programming as simple as drag & drop to generate new code.
Collaborative safety is the priority
Built-in safety sensors will stop the robot when physical contact is detected, minimizing the risk of damage. It is possible to program the robot with different speed and strength limits so that it can be used in various environments, including alongside humans.
Find more at: ffonseca.com/robos-colaborativos
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