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13 May 2019

Anybus PROFINET to .NET gateway - Anybus« from HMS

F.Fonseca presents anybus PROFINET to .NET gateway - Anybus® from HMS

The Anybus PROFINET to .NET gateway enables factory-floor data from PROFINET to be presented to .NET applications.

As a .NET programmeryou can get data directly from a PLC system and use this data in applications for statistics, analysis or maintenance. The gateway can be used with a wide range of use cases, from simple transfer of KPI values, advanced messages with structured data types, or ultra-fast transfer of I/O data for “big data.”
The KPI mode is designed for sending a limited set of parameters (typically KPI values) from the PLC to the .NET/C# environment. Everything is pre-configured and with a minimum of steps it is possible to start receiving KPI data values from the PLC.

The Structured Data Event Mode, the structured data types (such as recipes) are sent to and from the PLC and presented to the C# programmer as events or post methods. The programmers agree on a list of parameters (names, direction and datatypes) and the system automatically generates a high level C# interface and PLC configuration files.
The information exchange between the Operational Technlogy (OT) side and the Information Technology (IT) side is defined in a spreadsheet template.
The HMS code generator will then automatically create a customized high level C# API (events and Post methods) that is easy to integrate directly into your .NET application. At the same time, a customized GSDML file is created that simplifies the integration in the PLC. 
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