28 March 2022

cMT3102X touchscreen console by Weintek

F.Fonseca introduces cMT3102X touchscreen console from Weintek

As a leader in research and manufacturing of high performance HMI's (Human Machine Interface), Weintek has been dedicated to the supply of HMI's suitable for factory automation. In recent years, with the growing interest in smart capabilities, communications integration and wireless applications, the role of HMIs and their future prospects have taken their place. Aware of the continuous demands associated with these trends, Weintek introduces the cMT3102X, a new type of HMI that incorporates a modular design and a Wi-Fi expansion module - M02, which offers a more flexible connectivity solution.
The cMT3102X, an advanced HMI from the cMT X series, with a 10.1" display, includes several software and hardware features. Above all, it is the first existing HMI to support a communication expansion module such as the M02, the Wi-Fi expansion module that gives the cMT3102X wireless connectivity.
Communication module support - the M02 expansion module adds Wi-Fi connectivity, to help overcome the obstacles of wired connections;
Hardware/Software support - the many advanced features, such as SIEMENS MPI and CAN drivers, JS Object, WebView, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL Database, PLC Web Browser, CODESYS, EasyAccess 2.0, not only meet general automation requirements, but are key elements for successful integration into a system.
Weintek's cMT3102X touchscreen console is suitable for application in any industry, regardless of industry sector.
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