15 December 2022

Crevis IP20 FnIO G-Series remote I/O system

F.Fonseca presents Crevis IP20 FnIO G-Series remote I/O system

Crevis is specialized in developing communication technologies for the automation industry. As a manufacturer of solutions for the industrial networking market, Crevis is dedicated to the production of IP20 remote I/O systems for many different communication protocols: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANopen, CC-Link, EthernetIP, PROFINET, MODBUS, EtherCAT, etc.
The focus and specialization of Crevis product line has resulted in an extensive and very complete range of solutions for remote I/O systems. Crevis G-series is the ideal solution for IP20 environments, whether it is located in the main frame or in sub-frames that function as decentralized ponders of the installation.

The bedside communication module acts as a link between the control unit and the different interface modules for sensors and actuators. The Crevis G-series communication modules allow the connection of up to 63 I/O modules and have an integrated webserver that provides diagnostic information.

The Crevis remote I/O system is the ideal solution for many centralized control cabinet applications and offers a wide range of functions with its more than 60 I/O modules for digital, analog, and special application signals. Following a modular concept, the I/O modules are extremely compact. With a width of 12mm and the possibility to concentrate up to 32 connections in a single module, they do not dispense with individualized LED signaling and extractable terminals for easy handling and maintenance. Crevis offers the free I/O Guide Pro software that can be used to simulate configurations in online or offline mode.
The Crevis IP20 FnIO G-Series remote I/O system is suitable for use in any industry regardless of the industry sector.
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