9 February 2022

Distinguished with commitment to punctual payment diploma!

F.Fonseca is once again distinguished with a commitment to punctual payment diploma!
We are very proud to be part of the 1.765 companies and organizations from all over the country, of different sizes and sectors, that renewed the Payment Commitment in 2022.

This is a clear demonstration that it is possible to honor the commitments with suppliers, enhancing the competitiveness of the economy, thus establishing a company culture at F.Fonseca, which has always been held and maintained.

As an organization, we know how important it is to set an example and show that it is possible to be part of and promote a culture of on-time payments in Portugal!

We challenge our customers, suppliers and partners to also embrace this commitment, which not only dignifies those who participate, but also translates into a stimulus for our economy!
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